#BlogLife / Announcement

Beer Belly Bill: The Blog Life

This is it. Many of you have been following me on Instagram, seeing me drink different beers from across the country and across the world. You have been seeing me tweet or post to Facebook random thoughts related to beer. You have watched my Snapchats to see what I’m doing.

Now it’s the next step. I am stepping into the #BlogLife. Here it is.

  1. Is it the best looking blog in the world? No.
  2. Is it going to have a million monthly followers from day 1? No.
  3. Am I the end-all-be-all in all things beer? No.

I am building this blog one beer at a time. I am working to make this the best beer blog on the Internet. I am working to while also having fun. I am traveling. I am proud of this step and there is more to come from me, I am confident in that.

  1. It is going to be the best looking blog in the world.
  2. I am going to have thousands, then millions of monthly followers, maybe not day 1, but work up to it day by day, brick by brick.
  3. I want to educate, have fun, and learn about beer as I talk this journey. I want to be the first stop for beer-related news, opinions, and content, but not the only stop. (Although I wouldn’t be opposed). There is plenty of Internet for everyone.

This is me calling a Home Run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. This is me celebrating a 3-point shot before it goes in, Steph Curry-style. You read it here first. You can help make me what I strive to be. We can do it together. Become a Beer Belly Beerbassador (Copyright Pending).

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