The Walking Dead

Grab Your Beers…Zombie Mice Are Ready to Attack

Gizmodo – Flash one light, and the mouse goes on the prowl, zombielike, stalking any prey in its path. Flash another, and it delivers a killing blow with its teeth. The mouse doesn’t hunt out of hunger—scientists are in control.

The zombie apocalypse is coming. It’s our fault. It isn’t some disease or climate problem or evolution, it’s stupid know-it-all scientists too curious to recreate a movie from their childhood. People too obsessed with The Walking Dead. More than I am.

I have thought about m survival plan for hours before it happens.

Good luck to everyone else. Better stock up on some food, water, and beer. That brewery isn’t going to exist soon…

This begs the question: What beer would you most want in an apocalypse? Comment below or tweet at me here?

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