Pennsylvania Beer Distributors Now Sell 6-Packs!

Philly Mag – Act. No. 166 is officially in effect: starting today, you can buy six-packs and growlers from Pennsylvania beer distributors.

Shoutout to the politicians for finally figuring this out. They still are a VERY VERY far way off, but this is a step in the right direction. Let’s summarize the normal way to acquire alcohol prior to January 17, 2017 in Pennsylvania:

I’m going up to my buddy’s house in Philadelphia. I’m going to be bringing up a case of Miller Lite for the guys/games. I have to go to a beer distributor to grab that. I’m also going to be bringing a 6-pack of a nice craft beer for myself and to share if anyone wants one. I have to go to a Wegman’s or somewhere that sells 6-packs (non beer distributors). Then I might want to bring up a bottle of wine for the ladies to be a gentleman like I always am. Well I now have to go to a liquor store to grab that!

How much gas am I wasting. More importantly, I’m a last minute guy. How much time am I wasting driving all over planet Earth doing this instead of going straight to Philly?!

After January 17, 2017: 

I can go to a beer distributor to grab the case of Miller Lite and the 6-pack before hitting the liquor store for the vino. Still a bit inconvenient, but we are getting there. I also have the option of getting the case of Miller Lite and going to Wegman’s to get the 6-pack and bottle of wine. What a time to be a Pennsylvania. Minimizing the inconvenience to a still super inconvenient process.


Let’s celebrate the small win here Pennsylvania. Cheers!

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