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The Hawk Is Alive! Iron Hill Brewery Releases St. Joe’s Beer

This comes hot off the press of Twitter last night. It’s the best news ever. My alma mater, Saint Joseph’s University, is known by most for being #1 in the nation in college basketball over a decade ago. Jameer Nelson. Delonte West (and his crazy antics post-grad).  The whole shabang.

It’s a school in Philly by the Main Line and was an amazing experience and a beautiful campus.

They created me, basically, so it’s obviously the best school in the nation, not to brag.

A school with maybe 5000 kids now has the. “Hoppy Hawk Ale” at the Iron Hill Brewery in Ardmore, PA. I love Iron Hill. Love their nachos and they have some solid beer. Great place to grab a bite and a brew. A place where one can be #Adulting.

I don’t even care if this beer is one I like or not. The fact that they created it automatically makes me a Hoppy Hawk (pun intended) and puts this beer automatically in my top 5 forever. Cheers! The Hawk will never die!

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