Am I Too Creepy To Be Interviewed By?

As you know if you follow me on Instagram (@beer_belly_bill), I took a beercation to D.C. Back on December. #TBT. I got to taste beers from 5 different breweries (not bragging), meet new people and enjoy a different city (not bragging), and sleep on a super comfy king bed with a view of the city (still not bragging).

I spent Saturday afternoon at the National Mall by the Lincoln Memorial and walked to the Washington Monument and eventually the White House. I chatted up some secret service people and stared at a Russian guy claiming he was poisoned by the CIA to hide secrets. Real interesting. Guy was legit crazy and had a chalk board. It’s 2017 use a white board dude.

I digress…I had a selfie stick in my hand the entire time for some off-the-cuff interviews for some funny videos to post. I was in my peacoat trying not to freeze asking people funny beer-political-funny questions. No one answered. Everyone kept walking away like I was spewing the Black Plague on them. Half the people didn’t speak English. Tourists doing tourist things I guess.

This leads to the question: am I not approachable? 2016 was a bad year. I get it. People were constantly hurt between Trump and dead celebrities they never met. But throw me a bone people. I have Internet goals here. I hope people are more friendly and less offended in 2017. But that is definitely a pipe dream.

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