Weekend Update

Weekend Update – 01/23/2017

This is the first ever Weekend Update. Yes I stole the name from SNL. No they can’t sue me because I just said they can’t. They’ll just have to deal with it. Tweet at me or tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook to see what you were up to this weekend. Best ones get posted from me! Now onto my weekend…

This weekend beat me up good. There’s no doubts about that. I got to my buddies place in Philly around 4 on Saturday planning a night a drinking. Turns out, we were going ice skating first. Now, I’m no Canadian, but I can dabble on ice. I don’t fall on my ass and leave a dent in the ice like some fat ass that I am. I’m pretty majestic if I do say so myself. Before we went ice skating, we ordered some cheesesteaks and I crushed an Evolution No. 3 while waiting / with the meal. It’s such a delicious IPA. (I bury the meat of the blog in the posts, what a professional blogger does) We played some Wii. Turns out I am Evander Holyfield in Wii Boxing. I went 3 rounds, 3 opponents, no one made it to Round 2. Electric feeling. Felt like crushing a homer in Game 7 of the World Series, felt like Kyrie Irving hitting that 3 to solidify the 2016 NBA Finals.

We ended up ice skating and boy was I sweating by the end. That’s when you know, folks, that you are out of shape. Aimlessly ice skating at Penn’s Landing, with 1000 other people, not going too fast, and still sweating in the cold outdoor air.

After the ice skating, we ended up at the old faithful, McGillin’s Ale House. It is the oldest bar in Philadelphia, so old my parents used to go there when they were my age. It opened in 1860. It’s always packed, but the beer always flows and it flows cheap. I know I’m supposed to be a craft beer blog, but I’m also 24 and poor. When my friends and I go out, if we’re grabbing pitchers, it’s the cheap shit. The pitchers were flowing with Bud Light. The mugs kept getting refilled. The table was filled with laughter of friends. The table next to us was a bunch of a-holes from my year at St. Joe’s. It was one of their birthdays. They were salty we were there not celebrating the birthday.

  1. Don’t like the kid
  2. It’s a public bar you didn’t rent out, we can sit where we want
  3. Stop being babies

So many people are soft skinned in this world. No one rubbed some dirt on their paper cuts from counting their $100 bills their mommy and daddy gave them I guess. Shout out to my friends for keeping it real 100% of the time.

We got a ride from an app that is in our phones that we use when we are drunk to get back (no free advertising). We crushed some pizza, cheesesteak egg rolls, and mozz sticks, passed out and woke up with a hangover to chill before the big games. I went home, watched the games passed out and here I am at 7:30 pm on a Monday still awake, surprising myself everyday.


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