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TWD: S7, E9 – Rock In The Road

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the Midseason Premier are below! Read ahead with caution.


The Walking Dead could not have come back at a better time. After the Super Bowl, my Sunday’s were left with a huge void, and like many millennials with a long list of to do’s and the Sunday Scaries, I avoided that task list and binged all of the first half of Season 7 instead. I remembered all of the pain and moving around of the episodes. One hour we are in Alexandria, the next we are at a women’s-only club with Tara in Oceanside.

At last the Mid Season Premier was coming on. I was excited to fill my Sunday night’s with some semblance of meaning before starting the work week for the next two months.

The episode starts off with Father Gabriel manning Alexandria’s walls, similar to how we left off in episode 8 with the mysterious boot person looking at him. We see him basically steal all of the resources from Alexandria and hop in the car with *gasp* another person. Check out the screenshot below of a mysterious figure in the car as they leave Alexandria.


The credits role, and we pick up with the group at the Hilltop, trying to reason with Gregory, who needs to just die. Like many of the Alexandrian’s of seasons past, he has outlived the apocalypse and is a dangerous coward who may get a beloved character hurt or killed. The next bulk of the episode was something they teased for two months about Rick finding out about the Kingdom, reuniting with Morgan, meeting Ezekiel and Shiva, the tiger. Nothing out of the ordinary here too shocking or alarming. Rick did have a nice story (the title of the episode) about a rock in the road and a little girl spilling beer. I had to tie this blog into beer right? I got sad when Rick mentioned the beer spilled. But alas, Ezekiel and the kingdom will not be helping out our heroes just yet (7 more episodes to go!).

Rick and company start to travel home and come across a pile of cars and explosives. I assume some of the RPG’s are the groups that Abraham originally found and Daryl used against the Saviors and the huge herd in Season 6. Rosita becomes a dynamite and explosive expert out of left field, and the group dismantles the explosives for future use. This has me super excited about the remaining half of Season 7 and Season 8. To me, the explosives are the back-pocket weapon, similar to Walter White’s ricin – teased for a while until finally used.

Rick and Michonne do an apocalypse power-couple move with two cars and a steel rope. If you haven’t seen that or missed it, check it out. They killed hundreds of walkers like dominoes and it was an amazing shot! They escape some zombies in an unrealistic manner, flee back to Alexandria to see Steve Ogg’s character role up looking for Daryl, who is in asylum in the Kingdom, something that Ezekiel didn’t have to do, but is not the secret hideout for 3 Alexandrian’s (Carol, Morgan, Daryl). They don’t find anyone and Rick finds out about Father Gabriel “stealing” the resources. Rick sees Father Gabriel leave behind a clue about the Boat from the first half of the season, the group goes back there and is surrounded by a mysterious group of hooded figures in black, like a cult with weapons.

Rick smiles. End of episode. By the way, Andrew Lincoln’s smile is something out of a horror movie. He should never smile as Rick Grimes again. Period.

TWD S7E9.jpg

Overall a great welcome back to The Walking Dead. A countdown until next week begins! Every Monday, this will be a recurring post. Check out the Category for all things Walking Dead!

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