Weekend Update

Weekend Update – 02/13/2017

What a weekend. Friday rolled around after a long week and I started my commute up to Philly to hang with the crew. I had one Evolution Lot 3 left in the guys’ fridge, so I drank that with a much deserved cheesesteak. All that was left after that was some Miller Lite’s, that I drank against my preference. We pregamed for a friend’s birthday at another house, and went to what is in my opinion the most interesting bar in Philadelhia – Frankie Bradley’s. Let me take a minute to set up the context a bit.

Frankie Bradley’s has THE darkest entry stamp for your hand ever. It is just a black FB, but it just finally came off today after scrubbing my hand furiously! The bar itself is filled some some characters that would not be my first choice to share a drink with, but the place has some good craft beers, so I’m content since it was birthday girl’s choice. The bar has a bunch of scantily clad posters of women around that would make a feminist (READ: Lena Dunham) cringe and tweet something outrageous as if a 140 character sentence can change the world…


Check out the poster behind the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA


The upstairs is more of a club atmosphere to the left up the stairs. Straight forward is the bathrooms. The bar is on the far wall of the “club”, so I fought my way through random intoxicated and horny post-grads to get a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. If a bar has that, it is a solid go-to out compared to a Bud Diet (Bud Light) or Miller Lite. I finished one and went to the bathroom, where the entire wall looked similar to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Burlesque and topless snippets from magazines filled the walls. I later asked and found out its the same in the women’s bathroom. Weird decor.

Overall, it’s always a fun night out with my friends, but a wild experience where my bathroom break made me unsure if I should be staring at the women in the pictures and turned on, or just look down at my urine hitting the back of the urinal. I opted for the latter.

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