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Victory Turned 21 Today #RespectTheMonkey

Happy 21st birthday to Victory Brewing Company! Blow out the candles and let’s do some wild shit! You’re 21!

Not to get too sappy, but if I had to peg a brewery that started me on this quest, it was you. I’ve been to Downingtown. I’ve been to Kennett Square. I’ve had your food, your ice cream, and most importantly, your beer. I love it all. I’m a faithful follower and I hope you survive forever and continue the success the past 21 years have had. To celebrate Victory for such a fun birthday, here’s a list of all of the Victory beers (and pictures) from over the years.

1) Golden Monkey

I am drinking this right now to honor Victory. It is one of their flagship beers, at the top of the Victory Power Rankings. It’s a hard 10% ABV Tripel, but its delicious and easily drinkable, so watch out!


2) DirtWolf Double IPA

I’ve had this everywhere from dates to office parties, and it is a classic. I first had it at an Oktoberfest back in October 2014 at Dilworthtown Park (City Hall, Philadelphia). It has a nice color and an excellent taste!

3) Hop Devil IPA

Another staple in the Victory Power Rankings. I’ve had this everywhere. It is very easy to find, very drinkable, and would recommend to anyone!

4) Headwaters Pale Ale

I got this in a custom 6-pack once and I would definitely try it again!

5) Hop Ranch

This is a very recent taste for me at the Kennett Square location a few weeks back. It was delicious and refreshing, complimenting the wings I had because it was “Wing Wednesday”

6) Vital IPA

I had this at the Downingtown location after trying the Helios and this. It is more up my alley in terms of flavors, and I would compare it to Hop Devil in terms of drinkability.

7) Helios

I again had this at the Downingtown location. It has a champagne-like taste to it, which is super interesting and works well.

8) Helles Lager

Lagers are classic. Helles is better than Stella, better than Heineken, better than anything in my humble opinion. If you’re a beginning in the craft world and are used to that lager color and taste, this is for you!

9) PJ Whelihan’s Copper Lager

Not in my wheelhouse per say, but not disgusting either. It is similar to Yuengling in taste to me, which is not my favorite even though it’s “America’s Oldest Brewery”. (Also, fun fact one of Obama’s favorite beers.) It is only sold at PJ Whelihan locations though, so stop in there!

10) 20th Anniversary IPA

Had this one last year for the 20th anniversary and it was not my favorite. Have yet to have the 21st, so hopefully that is better. With age comes wisdom!

I have had their Creme Brûlée ice cream and it is phenomenal. Like eat it until I am 400 lbs phenomenal. I also always get the pretzel with cheese and mustard. Not a mustard guy, but I’ll eat that mustard like it is the last condiment on Earth. Wings are phenomenal. I enjoy the ambiance. Just a great brewery!

Here’s a shot of the Victory tap handle. It’s in the middle, always a red “V”. This was taken in 2014 on the annual baseball trip with Pops. We went to Fenway that year as the inaugural year.


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