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Presidents and Their Beer: 7 Beer Facts About Former Presidents

Most Presidents of this great country have been rich, white males. Most have been in fraternities. Many of them drank heavily and have funny stories because of this. Here is my take on the rumors and facts that are beer-related about our Presidents on this President’s Day.

1) George Washington brewed his own beer.

This is a pretty typical story. First President founded our country on the premise that beer is awesome. Here we are, years later, drinking to our fill with over 5000 breweries in the states.

2) Lyndon Johnson liked to drink (and drive)

Here’s a story from Time: “A cream-colored Lincoln Continental driven by the President of the U.S. flashed up a long Texas hill, swung into the left lane to pass two cars poking along under 85 m.p.h., and thundered on over the crest of the hill—squarely into the path of an oncoming car. The President charged on, his paper cup of Pearl beer within easy sipping distance. The other motorist veered off the paved surface to safety on the road’s shoulder. Groaned a passenger in the President’s car when the ride was over: “That’s the closest John McCormack has come to the White House yet.””

What a take on Mr. President Johnson. Living life on the edge as if power and being Commander-in-Chief wasn’t enough. This guy was clearly dangerous and 0.08 wasn’t going to stop him. (PS Don’t drink and drive!!)

3) Grover Cleveland attempted to cut back his beer intake and failed miserably.

Mr. President Cleveland was a large man. I don’t think anyone can disagree that he probably ate the entire city of Cleveland for breakfast one day. Maybe if he did cut back, his beer belly would’ve shrunk?

4) President Abraham Lincoln didn’t like beer.

I have no comment here. Just  disgust and disappointment here…

5) Billy Beer was created by Billy Carter, brother of Jimmy Carter.

I had to include this because it is named after me obviously. Kind of a cool story about beer related to the white house.

6) Barack Obama brewed beer in the White House

This one should be familiar. We all know that Mr. Obama was the first to brew beer in the White House, which is kind of a cool feat, but also shocking no one else did before him? He will go down as the one who did forever though! Cheers to that!

7) Slick Willy AKA Bill Clinton had a history of womanizing and drinking when President.

We all should know this one too. Bill Clinton looks terrible today. Might be patient zero for zombies. But in his heyday, he was having interns all over the Oval Office, beer and other alcoholic beverages, and tons of bad food around. Just a story of classic proportion.

Now, we have a president who doesn’t drink. Here’s to that! On the positive, he won’t get a DUI like Johnson could have and won’t get impeached like Clinton. Happy President’s Day everyone and cheers!

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