The Walking Dead

TWD: S7, E10 – New Best Friends

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the the episode are below! Read ahead with caution.

Last night’s episode was something else. We had Gladiator zombies, weird lady with car grease in her hair that made her look like an alien, and Daryl found Carol! I’ll get into it all.

The episode starts out with the Kingdom, which is becoming a huge part of the plot against Negan. Richard is a straight up dick and that weird long-haired Savior just irks him the wrong way. Richard is again a loose cannon that Ezekiel cannot control. As a result, Morgan loses his staff! I think that staff was a crutch to not kill, and now Morgan will have to use guns and knives.

Next thing we see, Daryl get a crossbow and talk with Richard, who continues to be a grade-A douche. I know he is going to be integral in getting the Kingdom on-board, but I hope he dies in the process. They go to Richard’s little hideout with guns and molotov cocktails like something out of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Throwback). They hide behind a truck and Richard tells Daryl he is going to frame their Savior bombing on a crazy lady in a cottage. Daryl automatically knows that is Carol, beats the shit out of Richard, and leaves him.

The episode jumps over to where we left off in episode 9, with Rick’s goofy smile. We’re now in the junkyard with the weird cult people. Rick urges them to help to no avail. Gabriel tells the leader of the junkyard gang that Rick can do anything, so they put him on top of a trash heap, only to push him down the hill into a junkyard version of a gladiator arena, where we see the much-anticipated badass walker from the trailers and TV spots. The walker/lurker/biter/roamer (depending on your group in the universe) has a helmet so he cannot see, but it has all of these sharp spikes, knives, and other things that can stab basically everywhere.

TWD S7E10 Gladiator Zombie.png

I’m not sure what Rick was initially thinking, but he just went straight for a spike and stabbed his hand straight through. Personally, I feel this was to represent Rick as a Christ-like figure. Not the show’s Jesus, but Bible Jesus. Still not sure why he did that. Was his thought process, “Oh that doesn’t look that sharp!” Almost as if he didn’t learn his lesson the first time, he tries kicking it this time and gashes his leg pretty bad. Regardless, Michonne, who has become his voice of reason lately, gives him a hint to dump the heaps of trash onto the walker to stop it. Then, Rick beheads it with glass.

The junkyard crew now wants to help Rick so they can get some stuff in return.

We jump back to the Kingdom, where Ezekiel is still playing apocalyptic-stalker to Carol and Jerry comes in hot with the cobbler to continue being a fan-favorite. Soon after Daryl stops by Carols and they reunite in a heart warming manner. I’m not sure whether I want Carol-Daryl to make-out or continue the mother-son dynamic they clearly have. It confuses me like no other. But if Carol gets together with Ezekiel, Daryl becomes Ezekiel’s step son right? And he inherits Siva, since they clearly get along? Regardless, Carol and Daryl have a great conversation over soup, where Daryl lies and tells Carol everything is alright back in Alexandria and everyone is safe. I think Daryl knows Carol can’t fight in this frame of mind she is in, and wants to protect her. But she’ll come around and find out he lied eventually.

I can’t believe he lied after everything the Saviors did to manipulate his brain about Glenn (RIP). He didn’t mention being taken by the Saviors, about Spencer, Olivia, Eugene being kidnapped, the explosives, Abraham, and so many other things she’s missed.

Overall a solid episode, clearly setting up the bigger picture.

It looks like next week we go back in the time a little bit when we go to the Saviors camp where they find out about Fat Joey and seems to be a Dwight and Negan-centric episode. Should be interesting since we only got a walkie talkie voice-over from Negan in episode 9 about Fat Joey. Maybe the herd will come into play too?

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