The Walking Dead

TWD: S7, E11 – Hostiles And Calamities

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the the episode are below! Read ahead with caution.

The eleventh episode takes us backward in the timeline a bit to start the episode right before the walkie talkie announcements in episode 9 (see that review here). This is a Dwight and Eugene focused episode with a little bit of sociopathical Negan sprinkled throughout.

Eugene arrives at The Sanctuary to a five-star hotel treatment by zombie apocalypse standards. He got food, pickles, almost lobster, and a “take whatever you want” mantra. He is deathly afraid of Negan, and rightfully so. Negan bashed Eugene’s BFF’s brains in to start season 7, and that was the toughest son of a bitch Eugene knew. BUT, Eugene balls hard with his brains and convinces Negan he has multiple PhD’s and a bunch of pre-apocalypse smart people accolades. Negan asks him what to do with walkers who “expire” on the wall. Eugene proves his worth by mentioned liquid metal on the walkers to make them unkillable and also in tact. Note: Eugene doesn’t know Rick killed Winslow who had armor in episode 10. (See that review here). Eugene learned this from his time with Abraham at the bullet factory.

We jump over to my favorite newcomer on the show, Dwight, who continues to play to Negan’s ego after taking a beating. He goes after his ex-wife, finds her rings and a note at their old house. The note says he has become someone else, and it’s her fault. I think we will see her again as the sacrificial lamb to Negan that makes Dwight finally switch sides to our team. He was willing to leave Negan we saw by the pretzels and beer he left. 

We see Eugene again gaming with a few of Negan’s wives watching. It’s like one of those rich guys who buys prostitutes to have them watch him do everyday stuff just to have company. We see Eugene do science experiments and steal goods to make a suicide pill from an old lady running a shop because he can now. He makes the pills, but figures out they are for Negan and not a wife because he’s a smart dude. He doesn’t give the pills to the women because they are stupid and incompetent. We now have a walker heard, the junkyard gang, a tiger potentially, tons of weapons at Oceanside, explosives, and pills to kill Negan. Bets are on which one finally does the trick!!

Eugene is taken to the iron, similar to Carl. Dwight set the doctor up for the iron. How crazy is it that the Hilltop and Sanctuary doctors are both named Carson?! Instead of the iron, Negan throws the doctor into the furnace and kill him. Negan is losing his cool.

Later, Negan taps on Eugene’s door and Eugene claims he is Negan before Negan can finish asking. This makes us think he switched teams. I think Eugene is playing the long con here gained Negan’s trust.

The episode ends with Dwight and Eugene claiming they are Negan, but we get the feeling as viewers this may not be the case. These characters have an interesting path since Eugene bit D’s D…now they may help each other in a weird apocalyptic twist. We shall see…

Next week we go back to Alexandria to see a lot of Rick and Michonne it seems.

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