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Bahamas Blog – Part II

This is the second post in what will be a five-part series. Check out the first post here: Part I


Friday I woke up pretty early, but waiting for my parents to get up to start off with some breakfast. It was a hot day and a solid day, here are my takes from Friday in the Bahamas:

Drunk Girl #1

I go up from the beach to the pool bar to grab us some drinks. We were in the normal section of the beach and not the Level section because it was full. A girl tells me it’s her birthday tomorrow, so naturally I wish her a happy birthday. She says she will be 28 (older than me), so I say cool. Then she starts asking super penetrating (LOL…penetrating) questions about me, like how old I was, when did I come down, how long I was there for, if I was having a good time, would I have a better time hanging with her. Notice the 0-60 that happened there. My answers:

  • How Old I Was: 25 (Kind of a lie…I will be at the end of March. I expect beer to be delivered to me from you all (DM or Email me)
  • When Did I Come Down: Yesterday
  • How long Was I There For: Until Monday
  • Was I Having A Good Time?: Yes, how can I not with free fruity drinks (not embarrassed whatsoever.)
  • Would I Have A Better Time Hanging With Her: I’m with my family and don’t want to leave them. 

I am a polite dude. This was drink #2 for me around maybe 12:30 in the afternoon after a long day of travel the day before. I wasn’t fully ramped up into all-inclusive drink mode yet. I appreciate her hustle, but she wasn’t my type anyways. I had to let her down easy. I had zero interest in her or hanging with anyone. I was here to relax and drink and get sunburnt.

The Metric System

I’m not sure how the metric system works, I want to clarify something and be 100% upfront with my readers. I am not a tall guy. I never will be. I am fine with it. I’m 99.9% sure I blame the metric system for the following statement. The toilet was too high and my feet dangled. I guess this is healthier, but it was unusual.


Snapchat Selfies

Let’s get one things straight. I use Snapchat. I love Snapchat. I use Instagram’s Story mode too. Big fan of the instant showing off, the geo-filters, the face-filters, etc. Great app. But the youth take advantage of it to a point that is disgusting. This is the part where I become a grumpy old man at 24 years old. I use it to send funny stuff, me singing, whatever to friends and post the occasional story. It’s pretty simple. I went to the hot tub after the beach to warm up as the sun was going down. Just to relax the muscles after a long day. A couple of girls who were maybe 13 were in there and another mom and her 1 year old was sitting outside of it playing in a puddle. The simple things.

These girls spent the entire time not in the hot tub relaxing, but taking 10,000 selfies of themselves to send out to people. Using the doggy face filter to the max I am assuming. They were laughing, carrying on, and complaining that they didn’t look good in their picture. No shit…you’re 13, you have too much makeup for a hot tub/beach day, and braces. You have another 10 years before you get hot. This grinds my gears to no end. It’s advice I need to remember. Look up and smell the roses once in awhile. It might be more beautiful than a doggy face picture of yourself.


We ate our first restaurant dinner at a hotel place called Cilantro. I don’t want to get into details, but our reservation was lost, we had to wait almost an hour to eat, and we were starving by the time we got in there. They offered us Sangria, I housed the first glass on a borderline empty stomach. It was the best Sangria I have ever had and probably will ever have as a beer guy. The food was pretty good too, but that wait was so frustrating…

Drunk Guy #1

Drunk Guy #1 came in the form of a guy who had to be 60. Cilantro was upstairs, so we stood outside by the stiarwell looking down at the bar and lobby turned dance floor at night. This guy had to be bombed. He was dancing to an EDM version of Ride With Me by Nelly which may have come out 40 years after this guy was born. He had ZERO moves, but we could not stop laughing. Everyone was enjoying him. This guy made the night better.


Part I 

Look out for Part III coming soon! 

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