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Bahamas Blog – Part III

This is the second post in what will be a five-part series. Check out the first 2 parts here: Part I | Part II


Saturday was a wild day for many reasons. First things first: I saw a girl I had met in Fort Lauderdale on my first alone vacation/beercation. She’s engaged folks, but she was absolutely wrecked. What are the odds of seeing this girl two times in a year in two different locations on two separate vacations without any planning or contact inbetween? Wild. I will talk more about that in a separate part of this story. She deserves her own part.

Paddle Boarding

Electric. What else is there to say. I go to the Jersey Shore. Judge all you want. I see the dudes who think they’re hot shit going out on their paddle boards and just kind of stand there in the middle of the freaking ocean. Doesn’t impress me. But when it’s free at a resort and you think it’s easy because some asshole is doing it in OCNJ, you gotta try it. So Mom, Dad, and I all tried it. Boy is it tough. We are riding out in COMPLETELY flat water aside from the occasional wake from a jet ski. Tiny wake, no bragging here at all. I’m an honest guy. We are all kneeling on the board paddling out. It isn’t so bad at all, actually kind of fun. I have my new GoPro on my head recording. I’m looking at my parents we’re laughing. My dad is furthest out. He tries to stand up first. He makes it a few paddles and BAM! Falls down. I’m second up, and doing well. My mom asks me where my dad is, I turn around and WHAMMY I go down and almost lose my GoPro. Mom gets up, makes it a good bit, and down she goes as well. We all kind of spend a bit on our knees, then I go up again and I’m feeling confident. I get up, I’m doing well, I try to readjust my feet real quick after a wake and I go down AGAIN! Eventually, I got up and stayed up for a long-ass time and was impressed with myself. I have video of the whole 22 minute endeavor. Let me say this. Paddle boarding is fun as hell, but harder than it looks. I’ll throw together a Bahamas video together and post it to my YouTube channel.

Fried Conch

Our restaurant reservation wasn’t until 8:15, so we knew we’d be hungry, so we stopped at a place in the hotel called Esta Vida, which served tapas (small plate). We wanted to have a drink and check out some grub pre-dinner. The service was excellent. Beer gets low, the guy refills it no questions asked. We ordered the Fried Conch, Ham Baguettes, and Nachos. The Fried Conch I imagine may get some readers feeling a little weird. If you are like me, you associate this with a horn-like shell from Spongebob back in the early 2000’s. (Spongebob) It was freaking delicious. It came with some chipotle-type sauce. I’m a big-time Fried Conch guy now. Also, write in the comments how you think it is pronounced. I’m thinking you pronounce it like church, which the “ch” sound. It’s more like conk apparently…who knew?!

Japanese Restaurant

We hit the Japanese restaurant in the hotel stuffed to high heaven on Conch. I got some made up Mango-coconut-rum concoction the bartender made that was yummy. I tried the Pork and Ramen soup and it was just enough and delicious. The pork was just so tender. We were all stuffed after this. We watched some Latin night moves on the lobby area then hit the bed hard. Shoutout to Nikkei for their soup.

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