The Walking Dead

TWD S7, E12 – Say Yes

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the the episode are below! Read ahead with caution.

This week, we jump back to our Survivors, and we jump between 3 storylines: Rick and Michonne scavenging (Read: Making love beyond the walls of Alexandria), Rosita complaining how she wants to kill Negan so bad, and Tara at a crossroads with who to tell about Oceanside, if at all.

Rick and Michonne do a ton of lovemaking, and eventually end up at what looks like a school / carnival type area, which was run by the military. Whatever happened, it is no good, as everyone is a walker, but the military ones have guns! There are tons of them. Rick and Michonne get on top of the school building and Michonne gets the chance to show off her sniping ability she had been practicing on by hitting a milk bottle at the carnival from really far. Where is her oversized stuffed animal Rick? C’mon man!

They actually fall through the roof into the building, and I know my heart was thinking “Oh no, the walkers”. Turns out, the building was COMPLETELY VACANT of any walkers whatsoever. Go figure. Then they come up with a brilliant plan to get Rick to a car so he can push it to a gap in the fence, where they can keep the walkers in the carnival and one by one kill them. That plan goes to shit when Rick struggles with a walker who was completely not able to move stuck in the windshield. Rick has ripped a guy’s throat out with his bare teeth. He has killed a thousand zombies with a wire. He has survived so many things. This walker should have been a walk in the park. But no he struggles, Michonne has to come over and help him push, while he steers and the breaks don’t work so they get stuck in the car with zombies around. They manage to get out and go to different carnival rides (Michonne goes to the slide, Rick the ferris wheel). They lock their respective line gate things that I hate whenever I am at a carnival because I want to go on the rides. Michonne takes care of her bunch, Rick stops and gets distracted by a deer! A freaking deer. He is trying to be cute and get it for Michonne since Negan took her last one. In the apocalypse, I’m pretty sure being alive trumps cute gestures, but what the hell do I know?

He climbs the freaking ferris wheel, can’t shoot it because zombies are going after it. By the way, kudos to the editing group of The Walking Dead. This deer looked like the worst CGI ever. I mean how shitty is this?

TWD S7 E12 CGI Deer.gif

Anyways, Rick falls (Classic), and Michonne thinks he dies because she runs over and sees zombies around a corpse. NOPE! It’s the deer and Rick was chilling in a cabin and gets out and they kill the zombies, take the guns. Rick and Michonne have a discussion about Glenn (RIP), how Rick wasn’t able to save him (crying), and how they are building a future for Judith and baby Glenn and not for themselves. They have to continue to survive and build regardless if one of them dies. Neither will die, they are too critical to the show.

Now, we jump over to Tara. She is considering telling Rick about Oceanside since they need guns. She has a nice  conversation with Judith, who aged 2 years since the last few episodes. That zombie virus that is dormant inside us all must make babies age quickly out of the blue. Tara kind of convinces herself to tell Rick. I struggle to say “do the right thing,” because there is no right or wrong here. It’s a hell of a ton of gray in the black or white scale.

Rosita has become annoying of late. She scolds Father Gabriel for not letting her kill Negan, when that is exactly what she attempted to do? That dialogue felt forced to me since she 100% defied what Father Gabriel advised in the first place. How can you yell at a priest who said don’t do something, you do it, and blame him for you doing it? Total miss by the writers here. She just is out for blood in the most selfish way, and doesn’t see that the group needs to work together. She lost Denise, Abraham, Spencer, Olivia, and now Eugene, so I get it, but also she is going to continue to get more people killed. That is a TON of people to die on your watch or be in a close relationship with you. She goes to her frenemy in Sasha and they determine they will be on a one way trip, where Sasha gets to take the shot with a heavy duty sniper at Negan. One of them will survive, one will not. I can just tell because that is predictable. My bet is Rosita lives, yet again, because we need to continue to add to that list of people she has gotten killed so that her arc can continue as she grows.

The episode ends with Rick giving 60+ guns to the junkyard group. Jadis asks for double. Hey, uh Rick, didn’t it make sense 2 weeks ago to ask how many would be sufficient for the deal? You call yourself a grand negotiator with that shitty deal? Rick tells that wack-o to “say yes” (episode title) to a deal that gives him some of the guns back to acquire more guns. Tara decides to tell Rick finally about Oceanside, but we don’t see it on camera.

We are definitely Marching to War, and next week we pick up with Carol seeming to snap out of her shit, and something happening in a routine drop off at the Kingdom. Will this get the Kingdom involved? If so, we got Kingdom, Junkyard, some Hilltop, Alexandria, maybe Oceanside? Tons of people on Rick’s side.The episode is titled “Bury Me Here”, so we shall see who is being buried? Benjamin would be my guess to get the King involved. That is his mentee.

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