Weekend Update

Weekend Update – 3/6/17

This weekend was a fun weekend. Let me start out by saying the ringing in my ear is barely there anymore and my neck/back only hurt slightly. Damn am I old as hell.

Friday night I went to Chili’s. Let me say this: I didn’t have high hopes for their beer selection. I was thinking another bout with Heineken or Dos Equis. BUT to my surprise, the menu says “Please ask your serve about our craft selection.” This has me extremely excited. The rest of the menu’s beers was the standard plus Rebel IPA. So i’m thinking they have some good craft beyond this menu of selections. I ask the waitress as the menu instructs me to do. She says they only have Rebel IPA and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale as selections, and actually they ran out of Rebel IPA.

So let’s break down the menu vs. the waitress:

  1. Menu states “craft selection”, which implies multiple beers.
  2. Rebel was listed in the menu itself, ergo not a craft beer as defined by the sentence below the beer selections in the menu itself.
  3. This means that there is truly only one craft beer that the server has to offer, Sierra Nevada.
  4. Why the hell do you not just put the one extra beer on the menu and make me interact with another human being?!?!

I went with the only beer option I truly had and got the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It was pretty delicious. I just lawyered the hell out of Chili’s.

Saturday came and I was all set to hit up the Erin Express with the friends. For those unfamiliar, Erin Express is a multi-weekend event in Philly (not sure if other cities participate, nor do I care), and a few local Irish pubs participate and everyone wears green and parties hard. It is super fun, super packed, and tons of cheap ass beer flying around. I get to the pre-game a bit late, crush a few beers, get a fake tattoo on my ass that says “Kiss Me”. (NOTE: As of the time I’m writing this, that damn tattoo won’t come off. I’ve washed my ass so hard the skin is red. I went to work today with a Kiss Me tattoo on my ass and will go tomorrow with a Kiss Me tattoo on my ass. If corporate America only knew…) I gave a fair warning about the previous night’s Chili’s before the tat went on.

We walk to a Irish pub called Fado, which there are some in other cities. Go there, it’s mad fun. I got a Yard’s Brawler, which is pretty solid. We go to the next bar, Cavanaugh’s. Cheap beer only. I walk to Shake Shack for some late lunch / early dinner scenario, crush a hot dog (I know I’m a freak for not getting a burger) and some fries, along with their Shakemeister Ale made by Brooklyn Brewery. Who knew Shake Shack had their own beer. It was pretty good too!

We go back to Fado, and get front and center stage for the live band. Shout out to them for playing hits that spanned all genres and killing it. They also blew out my ear drums for almost 2 full days. But it was electric, I was having the time of my life. After about 10 hours of constant drinking, we got home and absolutely crashed.

Can’t wait for next weekend! Here are some of the IG stories, pics, etc. from the weekend

Band SelfiePhilly SkylineShake Shack Beer


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