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Bahamas Blog – Part IV

This is the fourth post in what will be a five-part series. Check out the first post here: 

Part I | Part II | Part III 

So as many of you may have read in Part III of my epic Bahamas vacation, I saw a girl I had previous met in Fort Lauderdale. Part IV will solely be dedicate to this chick. To not give up the identity of this person, let’s call her Caitlyn.


Caitlyn and I first met in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last April. 2016 was a tough-ass year for many of us. Me personally, I had gone through a lot of change in my life. What does any sane millennial with a steady income and minimal debt do? They take a me-cation. I planned the trip Monday, left Friday morning. This is my equivalent of going to the airport and randomly picking a place to visit. I’m staying on the beach, and at my hotel is a pool bar (notice a theme here?). I’m chilling and only one seat is open so I take it next to a stunning woman. At this point, I’m just trying to get my drink on and chill. She initiates the convo with myself and another dude in our area. She is with her 2 friends, recently engaged, and very drunk. We drink, eat, do our thing. I leave to do my thing, I had plans for that afternoon alone, and actually met up with them at the bar later that night and had a blast! Gotta love strangers you meet at pool bars in Florida.


Fast forward almost a full year, and I’m with with my family in the Bahamas. They obviously know the story about Florida, as I probably bragged a little too much that a girl actually talked to me while I was shirtless in Florida. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing impressive about my body FYI. Just average in every definition of the word.

I see her at the pool bar when I’m trying to crush a few beers away from the familia. I am so taken aback. I mean, what are the freaking odds? I tell my parents. Should I go up to her? I opt for a hell no, my family disagrees, but I stick to my guns. I’m sitting in the pool, chilling 20 feet away from a girl who I met randomly a year ago in Florida on a vacation I took on a whim, where we are in a completely different country, at one of 10,000 resorts on 50+ islands in the Bahamas. If I’m a betting man, I would never make that bet and I’d be kicking myself for it because it has to be 1,000,000,000-1 odds.

I recognized her two friends too. It was all females, maybe 10 of them. They were partying hard. Must be the official bachelorette party. Who knows. I avoided talking to her, but I’m honestly surprised in that drunk of a state, she didn’t recognize me and approach me.

I see her yet again at Dinner at Nikkei. She took the cool room with the Hibachi like table. Then she’s hammered on the dance floor dancing with old guys and random people having the time of her life. I’m chilling upstairs drinking and getting a laugh out of the old people dancing and here she is with an old dude dancing. Absolutely wild.

I hope she enjoys her marriage and all that stuff people are supposed to say to people. She will always be an epic story, and I hope that one day I see her again randomly at a resort in a warm-weather island or city, partying again.


Part I 

Part II

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Look out for Part V coming soon! 

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