The Walking Dead

TWD S7, E13 – Bury Me Here

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the episode are below! Read ahead with caution.

This episode picks up with the Kingdom. It starts off with Ezekiel loading up one cantaloupe, so you know something is up with their usual drop to the saviors.

This is a very Morgan/Richard/Carol-centric episode. Carol takes out some walkers with a One Way street sign outside of the Kingdom walls. She asks Morgan whats going on in Alexandria, and Morgan offers to take her there, but she should hear it from there. She declines. We learn that some of the crops have been compromised by animals, and we get the symbolic speech from Ezekiel about things being destroyed only to be burned so that they can be rebuilt. He is talking about the current state of affairs. The world as we knew it was burnt down, and out of it’s ashes the new world order of Negan was born. This too, needs to be burned down so that something greater can rise from those ashes.

As the Kingdommers are driving to the drop place, they noticed some shopping carts blocking the way and cautiously follow the arrow to a already dug grave, with a label saying “Bury Me Here” (title of the episode). We as viewers already know who dug the grave, Richard, because we saw him digging by a backpack for Katy, who we can assume was his daughter.

Ezekiel and company get the drop and Gavin, the head Savior for the Kingdom relationship, says that the Kingdom needs to learn a lesson. He asks for the guns. Richard obliges a little too easily for his character, which makes us suspicious. Then Gavin counts the cantaloupe. There is only 11 instead of 12. That douchey Savior with the greasy long hair has a gun in Richard’s face waiting for his moment finally. Gavin gives the blessing, but the long-haired douche shoots Benjamin in the leg. Gavin rambles on a little too long, and they rush Benjamin to Carol’s house, now bleeding out because the femoral artery was cut.

Benjamin dies. (RIP) and you can see the two red spots on the white sheet, the leg where he was shot, and the head where they put him down apocalypse-style. We see Morgan cleaning his knife, so we know he did it, which is just heart breaking.

This is where the episode gets super interesting. Morgan goes a bit nuts, like in Season 3 “Clear”. I encourage everyone to re-watch it.

Through his mental state of crazy (that is my official non-doctor diagnosis), he somehow finds a single cantaloupe under a plastic container and realizes it was Richard sabotaging the drop. Morgan confronts Richard, who gives a story about his daughter and wife, about not being proactive at his last camp, and his loved ones suffering because of it. You kind of understand as a viewer, but don’t fully understand why he had to take a ton of calculated steps to try suicide-by-Savior. He could have just punched long-hair douche again like previous episodes.

It is the next day and they drop off the single cantaloupe to the Saviors, but before, Gavin finds out the kid, Benjamin died. I could almost hear Negan speaking through Gavin, saying “All hell, sometimes I forget you’re just a kid” to Carl. Gavin makes long-haired douche walk back to the Saviors base alone as punishment and threatens to kill him. This Savior Gavin kind of has a heart? Then Morgan, who has his ninja stick back, whacks Richard and chokes him out. Morgan is a tough survivor, but Richard is as well and Richard is a big ass dude. Morgan has flashbacks of Duane, Season 3’s Clear, and other quick graphics, which is pretty cool to show his current psyche.

Morgan explains to the Saviors what’s up, Ezekiel understands now as well. Morgan stays behind as everyone leaves. He drags Richard to the “Bury Me Here” spot and buries Richard with the Katy backpack.

Morgan then does what we’ve been waiting for and tells Carol what happened to Alexandria very bluntly. Glenn and Abraham died, Olivia and Spencer too. Alexandria is cuckholded by Negan. Carol then starts walking to the Kingdom, and convinces Morgan, who wanted to go kill them all and “clear”, to leave but not leave, as Ezekiel did for her.

She arrives and tells Ezekiel to start prepping for war, which he finally agrees, but says not today and continues to plant the new plants with Benjamin’s younger brother.

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