Snow Storm 2k17

Is this storm a fluke? I was promised 12-24 inches. I got maybe 3-4 inches with basically straight ice. It was enough to work from home, yes, but I was expecting total shut down.

I’m going to call out a conspiracy here. Do big corporate supermarkets slip a few $1000 to the meteorologists to make things seem worse so the supermarkets get a bump in sales? Who knows? All I know is it is a massacre the day before it snows. People buy 16 loaves of bread, 3 gallons of milk, and enough snacks to feed a small Caribbean  island. I wouldn’t put it past them.

But today I am working, in the comfort of my home. No people around me. No one to disturb me. No “Bless You’s” to give out when someone sneezes, no judgment when someone makes a gross lunch and stinks up the whole office, no worries about who sat on that toilet right before you because its lukewarm. Just my own humble abode.

I’m going to be a bit basic and take some pics of my beers I will be drinking later in the snow. I have a fridge stocked very well and am excited to dive into some new beers!

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