Which 12 Seed Is Going to Upset the 5 Seed?

Let me be clear. I haven’t won a bracket contest since I was like 13. It was an electric moment and 100% when I peaked. Kinda sad when I think about it actually…

But the trick to picking a good 12-5 upset isn’t in guessing. There are four games listed below:

  • (5) Virginia vs. (12) UNC – Wilmington
  • (5) Notre Dame vs. (12) Princeton
  • (5) Iowa State vs. (12) Nevada
  • (5) Minnesota vs. (12) Middle Tennessee

The truth is, I can honestly see them all happening. But statisically, they all won’t happen. Everyone loves the Middle Tennessee and UNC – Wilmington and Nevada are getting some love. I like Princeton overcoming some key injuries, but who honestly knows!

The point to the tournament is to pretend you are doing work while you are secretly watching the game, hearing everybody either cheer or make a noise when something happens in a silent office, then tweet about it as if people actually care. Then, go home, plop yourself on the couch, crack open a nice beer and watch with someone (friend, dad, significant other), that you care about. Watch the upsets. Fall in love with a school. Remember that beer you tried. That’s what its all about. Cheers to you all and best of luck!

In case there was curiosity, here are my picks:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.23.24 PM

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