#TuesNews – Sewage Beer Is Now A Thing

Tues News - Beer Joke.jpg

Grub StreetStone Brewing is making beer from water that, to just quote them directly here, “comes from the toilet.” The San Diego–based craft-beer pioneer unveiled five barrels of this particular concoction last week — a pale ale called Full Circle that’s made from sewage water recycled at the Pure Water San Diego demonstration plant, the hub of the city’s master plan to make a third of its wastewater drinkable by 2035.

Alright, let’s get one thing straight here. Toilet water is meant for pee and poop. This is so California. A couple draughts and now we have poo poo beer. I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming, there are some weird people who are running out of beer ideas. For every one weird beer, there are about 10,000 great ones.

Part of me is in love with the idea as a Sustainability minor in college, but part of me is a little skeeved out too. I trust that Stone is going to follow all water purity standards with this beer. If they do, I think I have to try it, right? Kudos to them for being ballsy.

Love Stone’s “Drink By” series, and I guess this was the next logical step? This story I think freaks more people out than if it was just left alone and people drank it without knowing. What is that saying about eating 3 spiders a year while you sleep? I think the same logic plays here. You’ll drink 100 fluid ounces of poo a year if you drink craft beer, like all of us readers. Just a natural step into the hipster stero-type that is coupled with craft beer.

The name is Full Circle, and I can’t think of a funny joke about that, other than it reminds me of Full Moon, and I immediately imagine a larger man’s hairy asshole, splurging some poo into the toilet on the bottle label.

Here are my recommendations if Stone  continues with this line of beers for future beers.

1.) Brown Log-er
2. )Baby Diaper IPA
3.) I Ate Your Chocolate Squirrel Stout (Watch “Anchorman”)
Tues News - Sewage Chocolate Squirrel.jpeg
4.) Not Your Grandfather’s Prostate: Hard Lemonade
5.) Chocolate Delight
6.) Uno or Dos
7.) 2 Cool 4 Stool
8.) Sewer Monster Ale

If anyone wants the name of these beers, please reach out. These ideas aren’t free people. Free to read, expensive to use. I’m O’Leary with a royalty deal waiting…

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