The Walking Dead

TWD S7, E14 – The Other Side

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the episode are below! Read ahead with caution.

This week we jumped back to the Hilltop crew, including Jesus, Maggie, Sasha, Gregory, Daryl, Enid, and Rosita now that she’s there. We know what is going to be coming all episode, the Rosita/Sasha Negan assassination attempt, and the episode just plays with us a bit and draws it out longer to set up some bigger plot lines. These plot lines include:

  • Maggie forgiving Daryl for “killing” Glenn. She claims he is one of the good people in the world and it tears at the heart strings. Really anything that mentions Glenn does nowadays. He was a good character that we will forever miss on the show.
  • Gregory and Simon having conversations and Simon now trusting Gregory enough to swing by the Sanctuary or an outpost if he has “managerial issue”. This sounds so much like Corporate America. Middle Management (AKA Gregory) complains up the food chain to VP of Douchery, Simon, hoping it gets to Chief Executive Douche, Negan.

One of the biggest points of the episode that was so subtlety done, it made it nonchalant in 2017, which is very progressive. That point was Jesus admitting to Maggie he was gay. It was as if this was a point we already knew, that is how subtle it was done. Kudos to the writing team for not making a HUGE deal that a major character is gay. We have 3 gay people on the show now — Aaron, his beau Eric, and now Jesus. Way to go. We also got a glimpse at a Muslim character in a hijab last week which received a ton of praise. White privilege doesn’t exist in the apocalypse and white washing the cast shouldn’t either.

The episode continue to document the journey of Sash and Rosita. They communicating, or not really. Rosita being a bitch to Sasha after Rosita’s necklace she made Abraham came into sight on Sasha’s neck. They have the sniper lined up and see Eugene commanding people with the lead-head walkers.

Sasha and Rosita have a good one-on-one conversation that leads to Rosita being a stronger character with a good arc. She basically forgives Sasha and explains why she is so good at starting cars without keys, bomb difusing, knife work, etc. She had slept with a ton of dudes with these skills, paid attention, and became better than the teacher. Impressive. We knew she was a resourceful and smart character. Remember her filtering water with GREATM in previous season with a piece of her shirt? Smart woman. It was heartbreaking knowing that of all the dudes she slept will, Abraham was different than them. He respected her. I argue that he respected her to some degree, because he kinda ditcher her cold turkey. But I guess there is no good time to dump a person in an apocalypse.

Sasha sees Negan but cannot get a good line of sight on the serial killer.

Side note, apparently the editing crew forgot to request a reshoot because of the cap still being on the lens, no wonder Sasha “can’t get a clear shot”.  Screenshot below:

TWD S7 E14 Sniper Error.png

Anyways, they decide to go in hot, snipe a dude next to Eugene. Eugene confirms he has made his way to the dark side and refused to go with them. Sasha continues to cut the fence and asks Rosita to cover her. Rosita looks away to give cover. Sasha locks the fence back up and says it isn’t Rosita’s time yet. Rosita starts running after Sasha kills another Savior and makes her way into the Sanctuary.

On her run, Rosita notices a dark shadowy figure with a crossbow. Could it be Daryl angry they didn’t invite him, or Dwight, the Savior who may or may not be conflicted? We shall see I’m sure before the season ends.

TWD S7 E14 Rosita Dwight.jpg

We already know that next week’s episode shows Sasha captured by Negan. An image was released by the series. Is she taking Daryl’s place as Negan’s bitch? Will she get the iron? We shall see.

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