The Walking Dead

TWD S7, E15 – Something They Need

ATTENTION! Spoilers from the episode are below! Read ahead with caution.

The episode before the finale. I cant believe Season 7 is wrapping up. What am I supposed to do with my Sunday’s without Walking Dead or football and Game of Thrones not coming back until Summer?!

The episode toggles between three of our groups – The Sanctuary, the Hilltop, and our Survivors at Oceanside. We find out very quickly that Tara did indeed tell Rick about the gun stash. Michonne is putting her sniper practice to the test. Eric is telling Aaron he’s going to die, but it’s worth it. It’s a whole thing.

Sasha has a visitor in David. If you don’t remember David, he was all about Enid’s balloons in the first Saviors visit to Alexandria. He really gave off a molester vibe back then. Now, he has an attractive captive. He rips Sasha’s shirt, now that we know she has been taken hostage. He intends to rape her in exchange for water, until our hero (?) Negan arrives. He says the Saviors aren’t bad people, stabs David through the neck for attempted rape, and leaves the dagger to Sasha to kill the zombie if she wants. He is trying to recruit yet another Alexandrian to his side. Eugene tries to persuade her too. She kills the zombie rape guy and Negan takes his dagger back. Sasha calls Rick a bitch, which is pretty funny, and a way to save the group’s intentions from Negan. Negan sees right through it and says a “little birdie” told him Rick is up to no good. Who is that birdie?!?

Maggie is the leader of Hilltop in my opinion now. She was born for this (literally). She knows everything about farming from her Dad and all. She goes out to pick a bush of blueberries, and Gregory whips a knife out behind his back to try and seal his leadership. What a coward. Trying to kill a pregnant widow. Walkers arrive and he almost dies. Classic Gregory. Maggie yells to some Hilltopians that Gregory has never killed walkers before. How embarassing, he lied to his people. Gregory is Hilltops’ Eugene, except Eugene kind of grew balls before he went to the Saviors.

We find out that Gregory wants to take a ride to visit Simon, who will love to hear that Maggie is in fact alive and well.

We jump back to Oceanside, with Tara holding the head lady and Cynthia hostage, trying to convince them that Alexandria means no harm and is just trying to fight the Saviors. Rick and company round up the women and children. All seems well with dynamite explosions and what not. Tara somehow becomes head Oceanside lady’s hostage and Rick and company try to convince her that her way of life is wrong and we can make it better. Just give up the guns. She realizes she will either die and Tara dies and they get the guns anyways, or they get the guns and everyone is alive. Michonne is ready to shoot, until Cynthia bashes her grandma’s head to save Tara. We find out Enid was behind the lady the whole time anyway ready for execution style.

Some sea-walkers are coming and they cut Beatrice loose and Oceanside/Alexandria combat the issue, before agreeing to work together to stop the Saviors. Rick takes all of the guns, Tara flips off little girl Rachel again, and all is well.

Eugene and Sasha continue to have a conversation through the door where Sasha asks to kill herself to save her friends. Eugene obliges and gives the poison pill he created. This will kill Sasha so the actress can officially go on to Star Trek.

The group arrives back at Alexandria to find Rosita waiting. She dodges the “Where’s Sasha?” question, when in reality, all she could have said was “back at Hilltop”. No one in Alexandria knew about the attempt on Negan’s life. She has Dwight chilling in Morgan’s jail cell and he wants to help. Daryl wants to bash his teeth in so bad. Rick asks Dwight to get on his knees and that ends the scene.

I don’t think Rick kills Dwight, he just wants him obeying him instead of Negan now. Dwight hates Negan, we have seen a lot of depth in this character this season. He only obeyed Negan for love. Having Dwight be the inside-man will help Rick a ton! We shall see what happens next week!

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