Sports / Weekend Update

NFL Draft – Day 2

Philly hosted the NFL Draft this year. I wasn’t expecting to go, but I was convinced to go as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I went on Day 2, which was Friday. Let me be real honest and say that it was amazing. The NFL got this right, making it outdoors, putting it, in my opinion, in the best city in the world. They had outdoor activities, cool things for all ages, food and drink. Plus they were lucky with the weather at least when I was there.

I stayed and watched a few picks, but it was so jammed, I couldn’t stand sitting there. Got a few pictures pretending to be the Jet’s next QB, because they suck, and I met a few Detroit Lions cheerleaders. Shoutout to them. I told them I was a blogger and said, “what’s up?”.

The friends and I moved over to the combine activities. Let me set the stage. I’m by far the smallest of the group. Also gained a few LB’s in the past few months. So I’m not in peak physical form. Yet, I jumped 35 inches in a standing vertical jump. That’s pretty good.

I also declared I am going to enter the draft as a kicker in 2018. Watch out for a video on that. Let’s see how I do!!

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