Tues News – LeBron James vs. Great Lakes Brewing Company

The Denver PostOn Monday night, James jokingly swiped a beer bottle from a surprised courtside server during the third quarter of Cleveland’s playoff game against the Toronto Raptors and considered sipping it before handing it back. The exchange went viral on social media and James even kidded afterward that he wasn’t much of a beer drinker and would have taken a sip if it had been red wine.

James now said his agent and legal team are upset over Great Lakes Brewing Company’s use of his image with the bottle.

Here is the video in case no one saw it from last week:

LeBron fucking James. A self-proclaimed “king”. 2nd best player ever to Michael Jordan. Most immature superstar in all of sports. Biggest, richest diva in the world maybe.

Let me put it like this. I feel like a freaking broken record, but this stands true for 100% of the most recent things going on. Great Lakes Brewing Company is a mom and pop shop. LeBron might be worth a BILLION dollars when it is all said and done. Stop messing with the roots of America and what makes this great country awesome.

I’ve had Great Lakes beers. Most are pretty good too, so shoutout to them! Here’s my perspective on the whole deal: once LeBron put that beer in his hand mid-game, which if it were ANYONE else, would have resulted in a fine or suspension, GLBC had the right to tweet, post, profit off of his image and likeness so long as they credit the NBA and/or the proper channels for the video (i.e. ESPN, ABC, etc.). After that, LeBron has no right. It was a publicly televised incident. Also, it is 2017, make a joke about it, make a limited release beer with them, make some money, keep it moving. Doesn’t have to be that complicated.

BUT LEBRON JAMES IS A CRY BABY. GLBC was hurt back when LeBron packed up and ditched Cleveland for Miami. They made a “Quitness” beer about him quitting on his home city. LeBron remembers, and is holding that company responsible and threatening legal suit for utilizing his “image and likeness” without his consent. His consent in my opinion was given the minute he picked up that bottle on live TV. Also, that beer was like 7 years ago. I’m sure the brewing company has forgiven him since his return and subsequent championship that he brought the city after like 50 years. Grow up LeBron. This is why we hate you. You had the chance to be a legend, to be loved. But I truly think you enjoy being the villain.

Keep doing you GLBC, I am proud to you utilizing the 2 seconds of national fame and I hope you saw an uptick in sales from this punk.

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