Weekend Update

Weekend Update: 05/12/17 – 05/14/17

This weekend was a wild one. Not because I was hitting all of the hot clubs in Philly or anything, but because it came and went in a blink of an eye and was full of stuff going on.

Friday, I was drinking a beautiful Dark Saison from Victory. Let me be clear by saying it was NOTHING like what I expected when I picked it up from Wegman’s. But it was an interesting and different taste for my palette. My parents hated it. It was very dark, almost Stout-like, with a chocolatey taste and a VERY subtle banana after taste. The bottle said there were cloves in there too, but I couldn’t get that taste. I guess I’m not perfect. It was a 7+% ABV, and a big bottle, so I think Friday I pretty much fell asleep on the couch early watching Netflix. Typical.

Saturday I woke up and decided for Mother’s day, that I would do breakfast for dinner. Added an errand to my list, but also the award for best son. Grabbed some bacon, pancake mix, potatoes o’brien, ham, all that good stuff. We had a feast. Our intention was to go bowling after that, but it didn’t work out. Instead, we ended up back at home, dad asleep, mom and me crushing beers at the kitchen table. We used to do tea late night, now its beers. I like the upgrade.

Saturday night, I was drinking a Flower Power IPA from Ithaca Brewing Co., it was very floral and a solid IPA, not my favorite, not something I hated. Just average. Followed it up with a Big Wave Golden Ale from Kona Brewing Co. all the way from Hawaii. It was again, alright. Felt a little light compared to what I am used to. Not as hoppy or anything. Definitely made for the masses or made for the Hawaii vibes.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. Shout out to all the mom’s out there for everything they do that goes super under-appreciated day in and day out. I will legit take on anyone in a physical altercation who thinks that my mom is not the best in the world. We went to Bonefish Grill for dinner, I crushed the typical Delaware restaurant craft beer Dogfish 60 Minute, followed by a Brooklyn Lager and a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. All were solid for their respective breweries, but Brooklyn, Dogfish, and Sierra Nevada are all quite larger breweries, so I didn’t get the full “craft” experience I was hoping for. But the food was to die for and I’m eating leftovers now as I type, so I will gladly take those 3 beers plus awesome food any day.

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