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Tues News: Texas Craft Could Get Pricier

ABC 13 – The State House has passed a bill that might make you pay more for your favorite beer. There is trouble brewing in the craft beer business, and it would make buying a glass of beer in a brewery taproom more expensive. As it stands right now, breweries can sell beer in their own taprooms without a middle man. But if a recent house bill passes, brewers would have to sell the beer to a distributor, then buy it back in order to sell the beer in the brewery’s own taproom. The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill that would require the extra step for brewers who produce more than 225,000 barrels of beer a year, which only impacts large craft brewers right now.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and now that may include the price of a beer.

Tell me where this makes any logical sense Texas? What the actual hell. Call those local elected officials, tell them you are voting for the exact opposite person next term and get these idiots out of positions of power. The person who proposed this should be immediately exiled from this country to North Korea. Period.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, this makes zero sense for anybody. According to people who know numbers, only 1% of beer sales in the state of Texas are related to tap rooms, meaning that the government is just fishing for extra pennies without anyone noticing. Sneaky move. Almost have to respect it. But why would a brewer sell their stuff to a distributor at wholesale, only to buy it back at a premium? Then they have to sell it to their customer, who ultimately incurs the additional cost from going through the supply chain unnecessarily.

Yes, this only affects the larger brewers in the state, but whose not to say it won’t affect anyone else down the line. Where does the buck stop? If it is successful, meaning that economically there isn’t a drop in tap room sales (which there certainly will be), then the government makes out like a bandit and lowers that barrel threshold next term. Then lowers it again. Until it covers all breweries in the state of Texas. This  will lower brewery jobs, because their profit margins will dwindle, their costs will increase, and their customers coming to the brewery will also decrease. Bad for Texas. Bad look indeed. Maybe the price of beer is the one thing in Texas that doesn’t need to be big.

For more general information, to get more information specifically about the bill, or to complain about this asinine bill I would recommend emailing the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission at or finding your local representative HERE.

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