Announcement / Podcast


Yes it is true, my first ever Podcast episode was done utilizing a Kareoke Revolution Volume 3 microphone I used to use to belt out Coming Clean by Hilary Duff or Burn by Usher. It was a USB microphone, so I was able to just plug it into my Mac, record myself until blue in the face, save the file, upload it to SoundCloud (still don’t know how to do iTunes!!!!) and go from there.

Sound quality left much to be desired. Got some feedback from people which I appreciate. Now, I have invested into a nice microphone, with a phantom power charger, an arm so I can walk and swing the mic around when I get excited and all. I am pausing the Podcast until it ships, and I am regretting not having Amazon Prime right now because I am waiting 5-8 business days. Amazon needs drones like yesterday for delivery.

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