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I Would Do Unthinkable Things Just to Taste Pure Project’s Diamond Dust IPA

I’m a big Instagram guy. I think most of my blog traffic is generated from Instagram so shout out to everyone who reads loyaly.

I have to get this off of my chest though. A lot of the BIG beer Instagram accounts are California-based people. I’m in Philadelphia, litereally could not be further away from these people. And these people are the best I might add. So friendly, welcoming to the community at large, and I look up to many of them if we’re being honest.

BUT one thing that grinds my gears is this Pure Project can release that occurred recently. Not because I am annoyed everyone is posting about it, but because I cannot get my hands on it. I am hearing how amazing the Diamond Dust IPA is, in that sweet baby blue can, and I want to try it. I have zero access. I’m not a member of Pure Project like many, didn’t really think about it since I didn’t know to be one and I am a poor post-grad with no access to California on the regular.

So here it is. I’m desperate folks. I will do ANYTHING to get my hands on that damn can. Name it. I have no shame. I blog for a living. I create content. Just send me a can, I will drink that sweet nectar from the gods, thank you for it, and owe you a debt of gratitude so large, I’m not sure I could repay anyone. So DM me, email me, do whatever so I can get my hands on that damn beer from Philadelphia!

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