Japan Gets ‘Murica Craft Beer from Philly Area

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.24.27 AM.png – Will a brew called Delco find a passionate following in Japan? We’ll find out in about a month, when a cargo ship scheduled to set sail Tuesday from the Port of Norfolk arrives in Tokyo carrying Aston-based 2SP Brewing Co.’s hometown lager and three of its other sudsy creations — 80 five-gallon kegs in total.

2SP will be among the first East Coast craft beers on the market in a country where sake — and, more recently, craft whiskeys — have long been the alcoholic beverage of choice. Until now, the U.S. craft beers that have been available in Japan have been from the West Coast, primarily a matter of proximity.

What a time to be from the Philly burbs. Delco is the butt of many jokes. Rightfully so honestly. A county in Pennsylvania named after a state right south of it. Confusing to many and full of interesting characters. You ever see Eagles fans on TV at the game? The rude ones? Yeah those are Delco people. Guaranteed. 

In all seriousness, this is HUGE news for the East Coast, and I am honored to have a brewery 15 minutes from my house make a solid reputation to the Japanese folks. Lord knows they need a cold one with Kim Jung Un making the entire Sea of Japan a graveyard of failures for ICBM’s. A lot of disappointment for Mr. Jung Un in that damn Sea of Japan. Just pretend you are a shark for a minute, swimming calmly through the Sea of Japan, trying to get a nice nibble on some Asian lunch. You swim to the bottom of the sea, and notice you can’t see the sand at the bottom. It’s just a ton of metal, messing with your sonar and stuff. Just totally screwing you. And the fact that I just made up sharks have sonar is science. Don’t dispute it.

I digress…2SP’s Delco Lager is award-winning and famous. They have a pub down the street with amazing food and tons of other craft beers. Give those Japanese something to enjoy from the East Coast and represent the U.S.A well 2SP. Hopefully they love it so much, they order more from other breweries around Philly. Make Philly proud! 

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