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Millennials Are Really Just Large Children, Drive an IPA Gummy Bear Into Existence

Gummy Bear Beers

DNA Info – Gummy Beers are one of the unusual concoctions patrons will find on tap during Wednesday’s “Molecular Beer-stronomy” event, a showcase for the bar team’s trippier creations.

“I think I just got drunk and said, ‘I want to make gummy bears out of beer,'” Matt Greene, Old Irving’s bar manager, said by way of an origin story. If the idea for the gummies was spontaneously generated, producing them was anything but.

Greene has devoted most of his recent waking hours to filling tiny gummy bear molds with mixtures of sugar, gelatin and beer — including Old Irving’s Trendi Double IPA and a new coconut milk stout — waiting for the gummies to set, and then repeating the process over and over.

Shout out to this guy who pulled a Ricky Bobby in his interview. Didn’t know what to do with his words. Just blurted out “I got drunk and wanted drunk gummies” as the first thing that popped into his head. Best quote in ages. Respect comes out of my ass for this guy.

Let me be clear when I say that I am a millennial with all of the typical traits of a millennial except for that bullshit lazy one. We are the generation that loves gummies, sweets, and basically anything in non-pill form. We loved those Flintstone vitamins as children because they were the best damn thing ever. If I had a choice, I would still chow down on 10 of those things a day and worry about my bowels later.

Now, everything comes in gummy form. All vitamins have a gummy-version, which is still the one I take by the way, because pills everyday make me feel like I should be in a nursing home waiting for death. Gummies make me happy. It’s a mindset. This guy just did the unimaginable and took something that millennials like myself love and infused it with something else millennials love. Beer and Gummies? Where the hell do I swipe my credit card because I have no cash because I have student loans?!? This has to be the best drunk idea ever right? My drunk ideas are like “hey, wanna walk through the Taco Bell drive thru and see if they will accept our order?” “I can cross the street in heavy traffic frogger style” “Look I’m peeing everywhere!!!”.

This guy needs to go down in history books as the guy who changed the world. He has tapped the potential of a billion dollar idea. Have a sweet tooth and want a beer gummy after lunch? Hell or High Watermelon gummy. Need a little afternoon pick me up at the office without anyone noticing you are drinking? Insert coffee flavored stout here. We can even deep dive into those hard sodas and ciders too! I’m just giving away free ideas to this guy. In exchange, let me try one pretty please with sugar on top?

This is all thanks to the millennial mentality. We are an interesting generation.

Note: Old Irving Brewery does TONS of other beer-concoctions, so check them out if you are in Chicago! I know I will! 

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