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The Feud Continues….Now It’s Me Though Involved. (Not the DM Sliding I Wanted)

Look, I’m never one to shy away from a good beef, Twitter war or whatever. I wrote my blog how I saw it. You wait a month to send it, you get the consequences. That simple. It got A LOT of attention today from the community at large. It was by far my best post from a purely statistical perspective. I knew there would be backlash, and here I am, not even a full day later writing something about someone else “going in” on me in my DM’s on Instagram. I am going to be commenting on exactly what my thought process was on each screenshot of the ENTIRE DM CONVERSATION between myself, @beer_belly_bill and my 690+ followers, hailing from Philadelphia, PA, and @hopschaser, with 8000+ followers from San Diego, CA.



I get this notification in my DM’s obviously. First post comes in hot calling me a bitch saying I’m “going in on his boy” @craftbeeray. Honestly I tell it like it is. I’m a straight shooter. Don’t like it? Keep it moving. But I enjoy a nice little beef myself once in awhile. I don’t dickride anyone.



Yes I’m ganging up. I’m a white guy from the burbs. Totally gang affiliated. Forgot to mention that in my bio. Honestly, I feel more ganged up on than anything with this DM. I did my homework. Ray spams and adds hundreds of followers a day and unfollows a bunch to keep his ratio looking fresh. Its 100% fake. Ray has made no comments to me or anyone. Radio silence. This guy fights the fight for him.


Be ready it won’t stop? What’s not going to stop? the DM’s? Okay. real scared here. Shaking on my couch at my beach house with a beer in my hand. Honestly, disappointed Ray didn’t want to make a comment. Would have 100% added an update or second blog with his side. I try to be an unbiased 3rd party at all times. This is the post-news world we live in though. Everything is fake unless its what you feel.


Yup 20 followers. You really took the time to fact check that man. Humble brag, but its more like 690 thank you! He might be the “realist” on IG. How am I to know? He just started attacked me out of left field. I create my own story trying to be funny and making a comment about his “accent”. To be fair, this may or may not be a San Diego phrase that I was unaware of at the time I posted that story. I’m just being honest and organic here. I do try to talk to everyone as much as possible. If I don’t, DM me, I’ll gladly chat with ya! What am I getting ready for? Should I call my OB-GYN? Sounds like there’s some female body parts involved here.



Me again attacked his San Diego phrases and words. Am I proud? Nah. Do I love the content? Absolutely. Also, my following increased in the 2 minutes of this convo from 20 to 50. Thats cool man. He keeps attacking my following thinking that offends me. I get about 70-90 likes per post out of 690 followers. He gets about 200-300 per post on 8000+ followers. Whose engagement rate is better?


He deleted a story when I called him out for spelling. He called me a white guy (thanks I know I am) but mispelled it as “whit” and it was a classic meme everyone uses. Real original content brah. It was first page google stuff. Also, sorry for the r-word. I was getting a little into it too much. He threatens to block his followers who follow me. Cool. Whatever.


Anyone else agree he want from like not involved to about 10000mph on me? That isn’t normal. Just looking to attack someone. Makes it funny to me. I’m sitting here enjoying every minute of it.

So that is the ENTIRE conversation. At some point in those last 3 messages I sent, he blocked me. I don’t blame him honestly. We had a disagreement and you don’t have to like everyone, but this is a problem with social media. We shut off those who we don’t want to hear and only listen to what we want to listen to. If he goes and blocks let’s say 10, 20, 50 people? he is shutting off people who may be into beer, share beers, share ideas, etc. That isn’t good. I pride myself on listening to everyone and taking all opinions and thoughts into consideration to the best of my knowledge. Yes I am biased, but I try my best not to be. I try to be funny in my DM’s. I try to entertain publicly. If you don’t like it, fine. But to just straight up threaten me and attack me isn’t cool. I’m gonna write back. I’m going to attack back. Back me into a corner I swing back. But I’ll just sit over here building an empire and he can be content with that 8000 following he has that he kept bragging about. He threatened that people would unfollow me or he would block people. Honestly, no one has unfollowed me. Actually I’ve had an uptick in followers all day and no one unfollowing. I’ve had more DM’s than ever. More blog visits than ever. So did I win?

Honestly, I want to make this clear, and hopefully Ray reads this. I will write an entire fresh post from his perspective if he wants to add comment. I’m not taking sides here. I was given information and wrote it.


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