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We Got Ourselves an IG BEEF! Take a Moment to Read About It

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I am not one to insert myself into a beef, but this is too juicy to not write about. We have two people, with larger followings than myself, duking it out in the public eye for all to see. In the one corner we have @CraftBeeRay AKA Ray with his 27.6K followers from San Diego, California. In the other corner we have @HopThirst AKA Dave with his 5700 followers from Hampton Roads, Virginia. What a battle.

So here is the low-down. On April 15, Ray announced a winner of a giveaway he was holding. Giveaways are somewhat common in our craft community on IG if you don’t know. What usually happens is someone pairs up with a company, makes you follow them and that company, comment with tagging of a few friends, and then randomly select a winner or winners. The winner(s) can get beer, gifts baskets, beer related items, or anything. Very common and a good way to drive traffic and goodwill amongst your followers. Ray announced that the winner was @brew_babes1026 AKA Ashley and Kelsi from my area around Philly. Now, Ray doesn’t know this, but Dave is friends with Ashley and Kelsi.

This is where it gets interesting. Yesterday, Dave tags the babes in a comment on a post asking how their beers from Ray were. Ray responds with a “haven’t sent them yet”. This was May 12. The contest ended April 15. I’m not a dates guy, but in the calendar, that seems like a month without sending. Looks like Ray’s giveaway was some #FAKENEWS?!?!?!

(UPDATE: Ray did end up finally sending the beer)

Ray claims that is fresh hops from Pure holds up after a month and calls Dave an idiot. Uhh, if it says fresh Ray, I want my shit fresh. I’m not going into Whole Foods asking for a month old salad.

Ray starts attacking Dave, calling him a troll, which is just out of left field. Dave is calling out Ray for his wild giveaway that does, in fact, seem a bit shady. Now at the end of the day, all the babes did was comment or whatever. They maybe send Ray their address, which is across the planet basically from SD to Philly, so Ray can’t like stalk them or anything. No harm no foul at the end. Just bad PR for our guy Ray.

It keeps going!

Ray, being the gentleman, gets so angry at Dave that he calls him Superman (outdated reference), tells him to go to sleep (???), and offers him some free beer that ages well so Dave doesn’t cry about the freshness.

My take on this: If I am in an Instagram fight with someone, my first knee jerk reaction is to laugh it out, not offer that person a beer. Don’t think that offer takes well in that moment.

Now, let’s study the beer he was offering. It was from Pure Brewing, someone I REALLY need to get my hands on. Remember when I said that it was fresh hops meant to be drank immediately? Ray disagrees with the brewer who made the damn beer. I know we all in this community think we know a ton about beer. But honestly, I’m going to trust the guy who made it. He probably knows more than I do. Ray doesn’t think so. He thinks that even though the can says it should be drank as soon as possible, it’s better aged for a month or more.

Just a wild story about our guy Ray. Honestly, if someone doesn’t get what they are promised, it’s a damn shame and I would unfollow or distrust or put that person on blast. But at the same time, its just a giveaway, no monetary value exchanged from the babes, nothing more than a few DM’s maybe? There are worse things in the world. The fact it exploded into my lap yesterday makes it worth blogging alone. I did some research our Ray as well.

You can check out the link in his current IG bio here: https://www.gofundme.com/10-barrel-is-not-craft-beer

It is a GoFundMe for “I’m raising funds to pay for an aerial banner to fly around San Diego that says, “10 Barrel Is Not Craft Beer.” The date, May 27th. The same day 10 Barrel is hosting their block party. I set the goal for $900 as after the 2.9% + $.30 per transaction fees, roughly $825 will be generated, the cost to fly a banner for three hours. If we generate more, we will either extend the flight time, or fly the banner on another day. Not going to explain why I’m doing this. You either get it, or you don’t.”

Uhhh I think you need to explain if people are going to give you money. Additionally, if it costs around $900 to do, let’s call it $1000 even. At this point, the GoFundMe as over $4000. What does Ray do with that surplus of funds? Does he keep it? I imagine he does. He just profited off of making a GoFundMe to LITERALLY fly a banner. Not sure if this is genius or stupid. I lean on stupid, but damn lucky. He says he will fly multiple banners in updates, but judging off of his #FAKENEWS giveaway, I’m not holding my breath. What a wild character we got on our hands here folks.

Additionally, digging into @craftbeeray, I have come to notice that not only is his giveaways fake, so is his following. Look at the graphic below:

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.49.09 AM.png

What is happening is everyday, he is following absurd amounts of people, gaining followers himself, then unfollowing those people after a few days. Probably using a bot to do it too, which goes against the terms of use set by Instagram itself. Follow ya boy Beer Belly Bill. I may have less than 1000 at this point, but I’m organic and keep it real.

When you look at @hopthirst, it is a totally different story:

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.52.08 AM.png

He is only following one or two people a day, gaining traffic through normal means I would imagine.
Then you can look at me, @beer_belly_bill…oh wait, I’m too small time for that site.

So what do you think about this whole thing? Ray is definitely an interesting character from my digging. I would stay away from his giveaways if I were you.


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