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Beer Belly Bill’s Guide to Losing That Beer Belly: Day #1

Like many of you out there, I used to be skinny. Then, like many of you, I became a cube monkey, couch potato, beer drinker who loves food too much. I got chunky. Winter it was fine. It was sweater and vest season. Pants too. Can hide those thunder thighs and that beer gut pretty well.

We’ve had a pretty cool spring overall too in Philadelphia, which has both kept my lazy and also helped me out a bit hiding the Winter weight that started long before Winter. Plus, desk jobs mean pants and button down shirts, which help a bit too. T-Shirt season is not flattering. Going to the Jersey Shore and being shirtless on the beach is vomit inducing most likely.

But I can’t give up beer and I’m too lazy and hate the gym. I get home too late and focus all of my time on beer, house work, Netflix, and blogging or personal projects. I am too tired and just fall asleep most nights I’m not out. What’s an everybody guy like myself supposed to do to fit in that bathing suit I spent too much money on last year? How is a single guy like myself supposed to attract females with a dad bod at 25 without being a dad?

I am going to journal my progress or regressions here for the world to see. I am not going to do it every day, but I am going to be 100% honest and true and I am determined to lose weight for my fans. We’re calling it “Beer Belly Bill’s Guide to Losing That Beer Belly”. It’s a mouthful, so just #BBBGTLTBB the shit out of those tweets folks. That’s a ridiculous hashtag, but I love it. Use it. Anyway here’s what I’ve eaten today and done. Totally 100% honest. No steps trackers, no gimmicks. Maybe an eBook if all goes well down the line. Just here to inspire the common man or woman who struggles with this. I refuse to do anything majorly different. I will not give up my beer or my weekend enjoyment.


Water on the car ride (Yeah, not a coffee guy and ran out of Arizona Diet Green Tea)

Dunkin Donuts Sweet Tea

2 Donuts (Vanilla and Strawberry frosted)

B12 Vitamin to compensate for lack of caffeine and a multi-vitamin. Both gummies because I’m a millennial and hate pills and miss those Flintstone vitamins I used to take.


Wawa Turkey and American Cheese on Wheat Bread 6” Hoagie (not sub, hero, or sandwich)


Rice Krispie Treat

Diet Iced Tea

Water Throughout the day



Rotisserie chicken (one breast)

One slice of Bread with VERY little butter


Yes! I mulched a portion of the front yard after work and weeded a bit.

Maybe I walked a few flights of stairs at work, but honestly the elevator is so much easier.

No beer today. Off today. Too Tired.

Room for Improvements

  1. Being totally honest, I think I can drink more water. I was in a good water consumption routine a month ago. Was drinking about 150 oz. a day. But I’m in a bad slump. Water definitely helps clear you out, gets rid of the salts I’m probably taking too much of in my lunchmeat and all.
  2. Can also maybe cut out bread at lunch, and find a lower sodium option other than lunchmeat? Lunch is tough since I’m not a big salad guy and hate most veggies. Love me some cheesesteaks and wings and fries.
  3. Definitely need to snack better. Rice Krispie treats are delicious and easy to grab at work, but need something more fulfilling and not as bad for you.
  4. Breakfast was a bad choice too. I was good for about a week of Greek yogurt, but I only like certain flavors because I hate that mushy fruit at the bottom and I got tired of the same 2 flavors REAL quick. Need to maybe do some fruit or Cheerios or something.
  5. I can skip out at dinner on the bread and butter. We didn’t have sides and I knew I would be hungry like I am writing this so I wanted something, but now I’m hungry again and will have to either ignore it or grab something small this late at night. Maybe I could have done carrots or something I do like that fills me up better.

A Pat On The Back

  1. Gotta celebrate the small wins today, wherever possible. I am real good about taking vitamins, which helps supplement whatever I don’t like or eat that day.
  2. Dinner was healthier than it could have been. Got some good protein in me.
  3. I’m happy I got out to mulch. Otherwise, I would have just blogged and Netflix’ed the entire night.
  4. Day 1 has small wins, but they are wins.

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