Travel / Weekend Update

Beercation: Brooklyn Edition

I’m not sure how many people know this, but I took a little overnight trip to Brooklyn this past Saturday. This is my summary of the beer I had and what went down.

I took the train into Penn Station because New York traffic is the absolute worst. Hate it. Don’t want to deal with it. Got to my hotel, got into my room, which was sooooooo tiny for the money. Clean, nice, modern, but tiny. Didn’t matter. I was there for like 0.1 hours anyway. Grabbed lunch and got a Montauk IPA which was awesome and light but also hoppy and just good for a lunch where I hadn’t had anything to eat yet. It’s a long day when I do these beercations and only do breweries. People may not realize I usually have a gameplan, but I never follow it, I’m spending most time in Uber, walking, or at the brewery itself. I ended up doing 3 breweries and I split it up to do the southern half of Brooklyn in the afternoon and the northern part at night. I was planning to do 5 breweries and maybe squeeze in a sixth if I could on Sunday before I left. I did 3. 60% is a good grade in college, right?

Strong Rope

Strong Rope Logo

I went to Strong Rope technically second, but that’s a different story for a different blog post. Strong Rope has 3 options for flights.

Standard: 5 beers on the menu that have a “+” icon next to them

Custom: Pick any 5 beers you want

Premium: 5 beers with the * next to them.

Standard was cheapest, Premium most expensive. I opted for Custom so I could pick my own beers. All of the beers were very good. I’ll start out with that. I enjoyed my time there very much. It’s small, but apparently so is everything in New York. The owner actually works behind the bar. The guy hustles. He was so friendly, talked to everyone, made recommendations, worked the room, and still had a smile on his face. I had the opportunity to plug my blog a bit to him, so shoutout if you’re reading!

I’m not going to go too in depth here with the ratings I gave the beers or anything, because you can find them on Untappd. I’m more commenting here on humor and other stuff. This isn’t a hard data of ratings blog. That’ll put me to sleep. Give your damn data to AB-InBev or something.

It was also Day 1 of their bottling, which is an awesome sign of growth. I did not buy a bottle, because I was heading to another brewery, but I would have if I wasn’t. Maybe someday I’ll see their bottles on the shelves of suburban Philadelphia and smile.

Other Half

Other Half Logo

This is a brewery that many people in the community love. I see their cans all over Instagram and Twitter, people rating them so highly. Their cans are awesome and their beer is pretty good too. It was what I would consider pretty packed for another tiny space. It felt very grunge or hipster, but what do I know. I’ve probably just offended at least 100 people. I ended up walking away with 2 4-packs because I was taking a break and heading back to my hotel, so I could store these guys in the fridge. Plus it’s good for my Instagram right? If you don’t post an Other Half can, are you even a beer blogger?

Kings County Brewers Collective


I ended up here after my dinner/hotel pit stop. Here is where I spent the most time. I had the pleasure of meeting Bella aka @onehoppylady. She’s a bartender here and knew I might be popping in. Gotta give her a shoutout because she spent a ton of time talking to me, being so friendly to me, making sure I had a ton of beer, and being a great host to me in an unfamiliar city. Can’t say enough good things about her.

I also can’t say bad things about KCBC’s beers. Form their IPA to their DIPA I tried with Grapefruit in it, all was truly great and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that when I got a text from a college friend about not making it over to Brooklyn Brewery to hang with me, I opted to stay at KCBC instead. Why take another Uber to another brewery when you can just sit, talk, drink?

Overall it was an awesome trip. The next morning was rough because I forgot to close my blinds so the Sun woke me up at roughly 6am after a long day. Not what you want on a Sunday after drinking. But I managed to grab some brunch at Junior’s and head home. I need to go back to Brooklyn since I missed 2 breweries I intended to check out, 1 “stretch” one and a couple others I just didn’t do enough homework on. The Beercation Boy continues…

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