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Beer Belly Bill’s Guide to Losing That Beer Belly: Day #3

Day 3 of the diet. Think I made some huge leaps in certain areas, and some smaller leaps in others. Other places I think I remained the same. The scale shows zero improvement but its a marathon not a sprint.

Editor’s Note: I am currently drinking my one beer while writing this.


Water on the car ride..still need to get some green tea

Poptarts because I consider that progress from Dunkin on Monday. Yesterday I did Cheerios, so we fluctuate a bit here.

More B12 vitamins


I went to Wegmans and grabbed an iced tea as well as what I would consider healthy.

3 slices of turkey breast

a bunch of diced up grilled chicken from the salad bar

carrots from the salad bar…like I said before, not a salad guy, but that chicken and carrots are what I like


Wheat Thins Veggie crisps. They were soo salty and kind of just average, but I needed something

Water Throughout the day. a lot more than days past. Really focusing on this.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch because I am a child

a nice craft beer


I did 50 crunches on the Ab Lounge from 2001 because I knew I was going to write this blog in an hour. Honestly trying to be honest for my readers is making me do stuff.

Room for Improvements

  1. Being totally honest, I think I can continue to drink more water. I am still not up to where I was before at 100-150oz a day
  2. Not totally sure, but the turkey probably was high in sodium? It was delicious and turkey is lean protein so I’m content with this.
  3. Definitely need to snack better. Wheat Thins, especially the “Veggie” kind is better than a Rice Krispie treat
  4. Breakfast was a bad choice again. Pop Tarts are sooo bad for you.
  5. Beer is always not a good choice when dieting, but I am proving that stigma wrong.

A Pat On The Back

  1. Gotta celebrate the small wins today, wherever possible. I am real good about taking vitamins, which helps supplement whatever I don’t like or eat that day.
  2. Dinner wasn’t healthy per-say, but it was a low-calorie option, which is good
  3. I’m happy that I was able to do crunches. My beer belly is my main focus of this exercise as my arms look good and my ass is poppin’.
  4. I seem to be improving from Day 1 in some categories, even if small wins.
  5. Big win today because I cut out bread from my lunch, which was a “Room for Improvement” on Monday.

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