Brooklyn Brewhouse Is An Underrated Establishment

I have no basis for the statement in my title. For all I know, it could be a famous Brooklyn establishment. But all I know is that the hotel recommended it to me when I was starving for lunch, it was across the street, and Brooklyn Brewhouse did more than deliver.

It seemed like a hole in the wall place. Kind of thin in terms of the width of the complex, but very deep. Make jokes, I dare you. I sat at the bar for lunch, grabbed a Montauk IPA and some pulled pork sliders with fries. Amazing pulled pork. Great fries too. Friendly staff consider it was dead in there. Just an absolute great experience for my first food and beer in Brooklyn.

I was taking a break from the brewery tour, call it a halftime if you desire. I got hungry for dinner. Where did I turn when in my hotel room? Brooklyn Brewery. Strolled across the street yet again and crushed a grilled chicken and bacon BBQ flatbread with fries. Crushed it. Delicious and messy and awesome food in my belly to keep me going in the second half of the day.

If you’re in Brooklyn or NYC or wherever close because I don’t understand the geography of New York yet, I would check out this place. I enjoyed myself both times I went alone and felt comfortable and was well fed. Their Yelp and their Google Ratings do not do them justice at below 4/5 stars. Here is the link to their website: Brooklyn Brewhouse

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