Dogfish Head Brewery Sticks Middle Finger Up to Rate Beer, AB-InBev – A Tues News Follow-Up

dogfish rate beer

Dogfish Head Blog – It is our strong opinion that ABI’s ownership of RateBeer, and other properties positioned to cover the craft brewing community like October and is in direct conflict with multiple guidelines listed above. To that end, we have respectfully asked Anheuser-Busch InBev and RateBeer to remove all Dogfish Head beer reviews and mentions on the RateBeer website immediately.

We knew this was coming, and it’s out of the First State! The first state of the union, the first state to pull out from AB-InBev’s evil clutches. Poetic right?

As you can see taken directly from the mouth, Dogfish Head has requested directly to Rate Beer to remove ALL beers from their site as it is in direct conflict of journalistic ethics.

I’m not an ethics guy. I minored in it in college, but let’s be honest here – I run a beer blog. I scrap for whatever piece of information I can get. Am I unethical. Probably not. Could I be without knowing. Absolutely. But regardless of the reasoning, there is a movement now that has started. Winter is coming for AB-InBev. It won’t be pretty. This is an all out war.

Executive Director at Rate Beer, Joseph Tucker, issued a statement in response to Dogfish Head’s request. This excerpt below is from Paste magazine.

The beauty and value of RateBeer comes in our users’ ability to add publicly available content to our database. If there is a particular piece of content that you are concerned with, please refer to the processes defined in the Digital Copyright Millennium Copyright Act section of our Terms of Service here:


Gotta hand it to myself, talking about ethics and actually citing stuff like they taught and I ignored in college. Does anyone actually know what MLA format is?!? I just would rather provide the Wikipedia links at the end.

Anyways, from the looks of it, Rate Beer is already adapting to life with AB-InBev in control. This guy makes too much money and was probably so excited to get his name in the news. Probably ran home to his wife and kid to talk about how he is in the news.

Rate Beer does not plan to remove any beers from the library. Why would they? It’s in AB-InBev’s interest to keep them there due to the reasons I came up with in my previous article.

Additionally, after Dogfish took a stand, others joined in, even if Rate Beer is changing the history of the beer industry. Harpoon, Black Project Ale, and Prison City are three other breweries to join the movement. Is a brewery in your hometown going to join the movement? Are you going to be proactive against the dictatorship that is AB-InBev? We all must take a stand now! Ditch Rate Beer! Stick a middle finger emoji in a tweet at AB-InBev, stick one in a tweet to Wicked Weed, and stick one to Rate Beer! In fact, put 140 middle fingers. Then tweet it again and again. *Drops Mic*

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