#LondonStrong – London Man Refuses To Drop Beer Amidst Terror Attack

Metro – This is because one of the people caught up in the attack, part of a crowd running away from the scene, is holding his pint. The unnamed man managed to run down the road clutching his drink, without spilling even a drop. Because not even terrorists can break Londoners’ spirit (and love of a good pint).

Let me start off by saying that there has been some terrible things happening in this world lately and it seems that the UK is taking the brunt of it. First it was Ariana and Manchester, now it is London. Just absolutely terrible and sad. My most sincere thoughts and prayers go to the victims, their families, the country as a whole, and anyone else affected in any shape or form by these attacks. The are malicious, wrong, and unjustified and hopefully will not go unpunished. #DefeatISIS

That being said, in the wake of terrible news there are always heroes. People who save others.  This guy is not one of them. However, Sometimes, people need to latch onto something lighter, maybe somewhat comedic among the wretched and horrific tragedies. That is where beer guy comes into play.

london attack

This guy had his pint, was probably just sipping something and shit went down. Honestly, if this were me and I thought it might be my last day on Earth, I don’t think I would grab my beer and run, but I also would regret my last breath wasn’t me sipping a beer. So I feel this guy. I don’t want to make light of the situation, there shouldn’t ever be a scenario where you have to run with a beer in your hand unless its on purpose and completely voluntary, but given the circumstances, this I think brings to light that we can smile and know that we as humans are all the same. We like beer. We like each other most of the time and we love greasy and unhealthy foods. All the same.

People are calling him the “Spirit of London”, and although I agree that a guy running down the streets of London not spilling an ounce of beer tends to resonate with that title, I think many would also agree that could be insensitive to the situation going on. As a blogger, it’s my job to report things, it’s my job to be funny, but it’s also my job to be real and honest. I don’t want to offend. I don’t want to kick a nation when they are down. But just remember, London needs some beers right now. They need some love. Let’s show them some love, pour one out for those we lost, and go to the closest bar and talk about how we can defeat evil in this world in memory of those we lost. Let’s get this guy to lead the beer drinking brigade who fights evil. He clearly has impeccable balance to not spill anything.

Remember, #PrayForLondon, always!

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