Travel / Weekend Update

Sixpoint Brewery Stinks for Not Being Open for My Saturday Brewery Binge

As you all know, I made a little trip to Brooklyn over the weekend to binge breweries and kick it with that New York State of Mind. My plan was to hit Sixpoint, Strong Rope, then Other Half in the early afternoon. Take a break for dinner and maybe a nap or just hang out, then do KCBC and Brooklyn in the evening, maybe Finback if I had time or on Sunday or just skip that one.

If you read my previous post, I did 3 of my initial 5 planned. I skipped Brooklyn for personal reasons I described in that other blog, but Sixpoint wasn’t on me.

I do a TON of homework before I go on these beercations. People don’t realize I have limited vacation days and limited funds, so I am constantly checking flight prices and hotel prices, scheming where to go and when. Balancing a day job, friends, families, housework, etc. is a lot for anyone, myself included. But when I can go, I always stalk the breweries to hit, tweet them, try to announce it in case there are beer friends in that city, and do whatever. If I can, I prep content or plan out some content too.

Sixpoint was going to be my first hit of the trip. Up until I arrived around 1:30pm to a close brewery in a not-so-safe area of Brooklyn. I felt real comfortable asking a random neighbor who lived next door to the brewery about what was going on. Look, I’m a real guy. 99.9% of people on this Earth are decent people. I’ve met tons of great people from all walks of life. I’m overly friendly and caring to a fault. But when you stick a 5’3” white guy wearing J. Crew in a bad part of town, you get a little more aware of your surroundings. Is it all in my head? Maybe. But you see the news every night. You see horrific things happen across the globe. My senses have been more heightened recently. A lot of hatred lately. I digress…

I’m thinking in the back of my head, why on Earth is Sixpoint closed on a Saturday. Do they not know that Saturdays are for the Boys? Do they not know that is probably the single best day for sales? Was it specifically to that Saturday? I check brewery opening times before I beercation. I didn’t see any for Sixpoint, but everyone else said noon. The neighbor said they don’t open at all he thinks on Saturdays. Just a real shame. Wanted to hit it up.

Sixpoint, if you opened later, I am truly sorry I missed you! Give me that mulligan. If you don’t open on Saturdays, how dare you! We need to discuss sales opportunities and how to make you more money.

P.S. that last paragraph really sounded like an emotion pre-teen female from a prototypical TV Show or Movie going through the motions. Love you, forgive me, hate you, fix yourself!

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