TBT: My Ex and OBX

I know this may come to a shock to many readers, mainly because of my gorgeous locks, voluptuous beard, and rocking body, but this beer belly is single. Start swiping right on Tinder and Bumble ladies.

But every single guy has a story why he is single. This isn’t going to be that story, but a minor piece of my past with a girl whom I loved dearly. This is that shit that other beer blogs can’t write. They write that boring breaking news stuff. Here, we go straight for the heart strings. Real talk.

We’ll call this girl Nicole*. Absolutely gorgeous. Great person. But not as great as one would hope, otherwise the title of this blog would be VERY different. Nicole went to St. Joe’s with me and we dated while I was a post grad and she was in her Senior year. After her graduation, I was invited to her family’s vacation, something most guys shy away from. I didn’t. Sincerely cared for her family. This wasn’t just mom, dad, sister and brother. It was uncles, aunts, and cousins too. 14 people in total including myself. I wasn’t sweating too much. But I’m sure some readers might be for me, so thanks.

Remember my last post about starting to like higher quality beer? Yeah my money in college ran out. I was living alone in New Jersey, paying rent, utilities, student loans, gas to get back since she still lived in Philly, food, etc. while making post-grad money. You’ve heard that story before. The beer money dried up a bit and I was busy trying to kickstart my career and not be an idiot and degenerate like college. Every family get-together with Nicole’s family, I would get nicer beers. Her uncles would push me towards them because they could tell I had that curiosity gene. That naturally knack for it.

It came to fruition on that family vacation, where we would be spending a week in Outer Banks, North Carolina. Nicole’s uncles, Chip and Scott, were big into craft beer. To this day, if Nicole and I were together still, I know Chip and Scott would be proud of this blog and continue to mold and educate me in all things beer. They were my Beerology 101 crash course. I am so thankful to them for that. Down the OBX, they loved going to this one beer shop to grab beers for the week. They would spend an hour there picking a custom 6-pack, which was wild to me back then. But they took a cardboard 6-pack at that place, and started handing me beers I would like. I said Belgian and IPA’s. I got Tripels, IPA’s, Double IPA’s, and some other stuff. Really good stuff. I bought myself a 4-pack of Oberon from Bell’s in can form because I loved the cans and thought they were summer-esque. I drank all of that beer. I remember Duvel putting me to sleep. Still to this day if I drink Tripels, no matter the ABV and no matter the time of day, I fall asleep. Something about them and my build up. I had a good trip learning about beer. I learned about drinking from a glass. What glass to use for certain types of beer. I learned about different cultures and different types of beers. I learned about different breweries and what was good that they made. It was a blessing in disguise that week. It was the downfall of my relationship looking back in hindsight, I’m sure Nicole would agree, but it was also the start of what would become Beer Belly Bill. I was now a rookie, but trained palette. I knew what to taste, what to look for, what to smell. I knew that beer was beyond all five senses. I knew I wanted to try more. I knew what I liked, and I continued down that path. That was in July of 2015. It’s June 2017. Two years later almost, and I’m crushing the beer community, humble brag and all. I’m blogging. I’m trying new stuff. I’m creating content. Most importantly, I’m still learning. Thank you Chip and Scott. I’m sorry your niece and I did not work out, but I am so very happy we got to spend time together for you to bestow your knowledge and experience upon young Beer Belly Bill. If you could see me now!

*Names have been modified to protect the people mentioned in the blog.

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series of TBT’s to take place over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

Part 1: Beer Belly Bill’s First Craft Beer

Part 2: Beer Belly Bill’s College Struggle





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