We’re All Screwed – Moderate Drinking May Lead to Alzheimer’s

Forbes – In the ongoing alcohol-and-health debate, the evidence hasn’t been easy to parse. Some studies have suggested that there’s a measurable health benefit to having a little alcohol—one researcher even wrote an editorial suggesting that doctors tell their abstaining patients to start drinking a little for the health benefits. But other research has suggested that there’s no truly safe level of alcohol, since even light drinking is linked to health risks, including cancer. A study last month, for instance, suggested that even the equivalent of a small glass of wine per day is linked to an increased breast cancer risk. And a new study, out in the BMJ this week, throws some more evidence to that side of the debate: It finds that moderate drinking may also not be so innocuous when it comes to brain health.

We are all fucked. We are all screwed. Listen here craft beer community: we are all going to forget each other’s names real soon. It’s the end times folks. Moderate alcohol to sever alcohol consumption leads to not only cancer but severe increases in likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I think the effects are taking shape, because I had to use autocorrect in Chrome for that word. The recommended limit for men according to the U.S. guidelines is 24.5 units. 1 unit is approximately equivalent to 250 ml, or a little more than 8 oz, so not even a full beer. I’ll do the math for everyone for a male. It is less for female readers by the way.

For males, that is the equivalent of about 17 beers a week if my math is correct in the U.S. guidelines. However, the study is showing that 14 units is the max you should have before your hippocampus deteriorates. #Science. 14 units is about 6 beers. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the 17 beers or 6 beers is a 4% ABV beer. We drink the strong guys, so if it’s an 8% beer, divide those numbers in half. So 3 beers a week really for people like us. Three.Beers.A.Week. I do probably 2 beers a night for like 3 out of five week nights and who knows what I do on weekends. Regardless, I am screwed and so are you.

Couple that with family history I am 100% going to forget Instagram password by 28 years old. Going to forget my own name by 35. Might want to start hitting those crossword puzzles in the newspaper daily now. I’m going to go drink my sorrows away.

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