Craft Beer Sales Directly Related to How Cool Bottles and Cans Look

Convenience Store News – Overall, 71 percent of craft beer buyers say that they like to try brands that have bold and interesting packaging. Package and label design is relevant to all consumers, but design has a stronger influence on women than men (75 percent vs. 66 percent, respectively) when it comes to the craft beer category.

Is this serious?! They needed an actual study to figure this out. It is 100% common sense in my eyes. A cool bottle or can wins over a boring one any day of the week. Imagine you’re drinking a boring silver can or brown bottle. Doesn’t really sit well. You go through an isle at the grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, and you see a cool looking bottle. You pick it up, figure you’ll try it. It’s the same with books. It’s the same with cereal. It’s the same with Tinder. Find something interesting, you pick it up.

It also has a lot to do with rookie craft beer buyers or casual craft beer drinkers will be more attracted to cool bottles. Stupid study. Waste of time and money. Just call up Beer Belly Bill and he will give you that information easily. 

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