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I’m Paying Too Much for My Beer, and I blame the Government

Detroit Free Press – We already know Michigan has outstanding beer. But does it have cheap beer? Yes. The cheapest case of beer in the country, according to one study. The team at Simple Thrifty Living put together a study that measured out the average cost of a 24-pack of beer in each of the 50 states. Michigan’s average cost is $14.62, beating out California ($14.87), Illinois ($15.00) and North Carolina ($15.23). Pennsylvania has the most expensive beer ($21.98 per 24-pack) – which shouldn’t be surprising, given the state’s strict laws on alcohol – followed by Tennessee ($21.97) and Texas ($21.66). 

What the fuck? Why am I paying so much more for beer. Oh right, because of the stupid state laws that I can’t buy my beer in a liquor store. I can’t buy my beer, except 6-packs, in super markets. I can’t buy it basically anywhere. I know that the vast majority of this study probably revolves around Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, but we can assume that craft was included here as well. And if craft was included here, that means I am paying WAY more for Bell’s than Michigan people. That Oberon I crush on the beach? Yeah, I overpay. That Poolside Ale I’m about to buy. Going to pay too much. What about the Two Hearted Ale, America’s #1 beer for 2017. Yep, in PA I pay more for it. This is bullshit.

This is where I draw the line. Government stinks. Are you a democrat in Pennsylvania or a Republican? Does it matter? I think this is something we can all agree upon. In a time of political parties drifting further apart, I think beer prices can bring us all together as one nation. I’m going to run for office because this is bullshit. I bet if you measure the average wages of these states, Pennsylvania isn’t very rich either, meaning it’s more percentage of the paycheck that our states.

I’m going to pause the rant to congratulate Michigan. What a wonderful state. Some great breweries, awesome beer, good people. Haven’t made it there yet, just assuming there are good people because there’s good people everywhere. I’ll be visiting eventually. Apparently I’ll be saving my goddamn money even with flight and hotel. I have the images from the original article below for perspective. Do better Pennsylvania, do better.

beer price by statemost expensive by state

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