OTDIH 06/29: First Transpacific Flights Completed

airplane beer

Wikipedia – The Bird of Paradise was a military airplane used by the United States Army Air Corps in 1927 to experiment with the application of radio beacon aids in air navigation. On June 28–29, 1927, the Bird of Paradise, crewed by 1st Lt. Lester J. Maitland and 1st Lt. Albert F. Hegenberger, completed the first flight over the Pacific Ocean from the mainland, California, to Hawaii. For this feat the crew received the Mackay Trophy.

So today was the day 90 years ago that someone went from California to Hawaii, marking the first of many trips in which Americans would begin to vacation on the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Thank you Bird of Paradise and the people flying it!

Now, I’ve never been to California or Hawaii, but I imagine they are both nice. I’m also not a geography guy, but they seem kind of close. Only 2 hours apart on the clocks right? Psh, not far. But I guess this was a big deal back then? Dare I say revolutionary?

Anyway, this OTDIH has me thinking about airplane beers. The last time I flew, which was to the Bahamas back in February, I asked for the options of beer. It was what you’d expect. Bud, Miller, Heineken, Dos Equis. Normal fare. Nothing other than simplistic lagers and pilsners mass marketed by big beer. I have a bone to pick with airlines. Let’s get some craft on the flights. Would it kill you to have a 6 pack of IPA’s on the flight? Maybe a stout? Even better idea: how about you have a craft beer unique to the destination in which the flight is going? A little pre-visit beer. That would be epic. Let’s get this going Southwest, United Airlines, American Airlines. This is America. We should have options on the flight!

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