My Dating App Bios are Quite Rediculous

We’ve all been there. We’re single, we need some attention, some confidence boost, whatever the case is. That is why dating apps exist. To swipe on someone’s purely physical looks and maybe go home with them after a beer at a bar based on a wild assumption that a 20 minute beer conversation validates that they aren’t a psychopath. Great idea world!

Anyways, I have updated my bios now since jumping back on after a hiatus to focus on the blog and podcast (SUBSCRIBE TO HOPPY TALK GOD DAMNIT!). My bios were VERY outdated, including just boring stuff about me. Saying I’m a beer connoisseur. Who says that?!? A millennial trying to be fancy as fuck because he know he has squat in the looks department.

Now, that was prior the blog kind of taking off a bit. Before the podcast. So why not brag a bit about how I spend my nights. Jesus that sounds like Batman bragging about how he spends his nights. Mine are nowhere in comparison to Bruce Wayne. But still, I should probably let people know right?

So here are my profiles on Tinder and Bumble:

Yes, I put the Podcast and the social media stuff. High volume swipers in my geographical location might see that, download, rate, review the podcast. Read the blog, follow on social. Who knows! Am I a genius for this? Probably. Do other people do this type of promoting on Tinder and Bumble? Not that I’ve seen. So now you have to subscribe to Hoppy Talk, follow me on social, read the blog, AND swipe right on me because I’m gorgeous.

Also, if you don’t mind, utilize the promo code HOPPY for $10 your hot sauce subscription from Fuego Box at fuegobox.com. I shamelessly put that in my bio too so people know I have sponsors. Go me.

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