OTDIH: Neil Armstrong Walks on the Moon

So on July 20, 1969 ( <– LOL), Mr. Neil Armstrong strutted his cat walk on the moon. He was the first to do the moon walk. Michael Jackson was a copy cat. Neil had that famous quote that everyone remembers. It was a historic day for the world and the entire universe. It was the Cold War, we were (still are) rivals with Russia. We were able to continue to fund future projects that have led to us studying Mars, sending satellites and stuff to freaking Pluto, which is not a planet still! Just a huge day.

Now, fast forward to 2017. We are talking about sending suicide mission of people to Mars. Building space stations on the moon like Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers. Just some wild stuff. I would love to go to Mars personally, but not die. Just like a weekend beercation type trip. Elon Musk, make it happen. I know you read BBB.

Also in 2017, we are talking about the real heavy-hitting questions about the moon and Mars. For instance, can we brew beer? What would the beer taste like? Is it the same as Earth beer? What is the differences? Who will be the first to drink a beer on Mars? I would love it to be me. I’d give my life for that feat. Go down in history with a live Podcast of Hoppy Talk from Mars and the ultimate “What is Beer Belly Bill Drinking while he is on Mars” segment. Just an absolutely all-time episode. I’ll need an Earthling to edit and produce the episode, but I think that is manageable. I also need the Wi-Fi to tweet and post to IG what I am drinking. Do you think there can be beer trades to the moon or Mars? What would my address look like?

Mr. Beer Belly Bill
1 Main Crater
Dark Side, Moon 12345

That’s a realistic address, right? Send beer there. I’ll be waiting.

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