#NationalIPADay takes Social Media by Storm

So here I am typing on a desktop computer made in probably 2009. My laptop is fried. But I still am hustling here for you readers.

Today was #NationalIPADay and to be honest, I’m not sure I am allowed to type it without the hashtag. I usually have a bone to pick with everyday being some sort of celebration, but some are so great I embrace them. I even get emails for them everyday so I can see if they are funny to blog or associate with beer. So IPA is one of my favorite types of beers so today holds a special place in my heart. What did I do today to celebrate, you ask?

Well first, I woke up and tweeted about it.

Next, I absolutely body bagged Goose Island.

Then I got in a fight with some scrub on Twitter without any followers because he made fun of me and I have zero tolerance for that and also love a good Twitter beef.

And now? I am home from work. Cracked open the Western Gaze from Casa Agria (Shoutout Sylvia) and am enjoying that while I type some blogs. It is a delicious beer. Hazy, juicy, fruity and hoppy all blended into one beautiful IPA. Can really tell it is from the West Coast. I will open another IPA after that, and maybe another one after that. I will post them all and be annoying on social media because that what today is all about.

I am enjoying all of the pics I see on Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to DM me pics, tag me in posts, whatever. I’m all-in on #NationalIPADay

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