“Old Balls” Anchor Brewery Sells Out to Kamikaze-Land

CNBC – San Francisco’s Anchor Brewery, which dubs itself as America’s “first and oldest” craft brewery, announced its acquisition by Japan’s Sapporo Holdings on Thursday, reports the SF Gate. The popular and historic company, established in 1896, is yet another example of the trend of craft breweries selling out to global companies.

Seriously, what the ef. The oldest craft brewery ever is now sold. What hope is there now? I can’t say I am personally a huge fan of Anchor. I had their Anchor Steam beer and thought it was below average. But still, when you are the first, the oldest, and now you sell out to those kamikaze pricks, what hope do we have as a community of drinkers, as a nation? Tell Trump to call Abe. Get this deal shut down now.

Who is next? I feel this is the more important question from this news. If the first domino falls, and others have fallen before it, which one is next? Do we have any guesses or are we going to get a slap in the face like Wicked Weed? Time will tell, but for now, we are sitting here drinking our beers hoping that someday that brewery doesn’t sell out.

For this news to break on #NationalIPADay which is a day to celebrate great IPA’s and many like myself price ourselves on drinking local, independent IPA’s, this is a swift kick to the nuts to have sad news like this. What a roller coaster of a day it has been.

P.S. I spend 5 minutes making a new logo for Anchor. This one is free. You can have it, Anchor, this one’s on the house.

anchor new logo

P.P.S. not sure if this is racist, but I actually think its fire minus the WWII references.

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