Funky Buddha Loses Independent Craft Beer Logo with Acquisition by Constellation

Miami Herald – Oakland Park’s Funky Buddha Brewery, the fastest-growing craft brewery in Florida and started by a pair of South Florida-raised brothers, has been sold. The purchaser: Constellation Brands, the third-largest beer brewer in the United States, which owns brands such as Corona Extra and Modelo Negra. The breweries made the announcement on Thursday. Sale price was not disclosed.

So it seems like every week we are getting news of breweries being acquired. It’s been awhile since Corona-owning Constellation has gotten into the mix. Lately, it’s been the AB-InBev show. Ballast Point was the last acquisition for craft  beer by Constellation back in 2015, and shortly after, the founders left citing differences in direction. Fair warning to Funky Buddha. I call bullshit on sharing the same vision!

On a personal note, I tried Hop Gun IPA in Fort Lauderdale back in April 2016. It was a pretty good IPA too from what I remember! It was me just flirting with craft back then. I followed Funky Buddha on Instagram because I loved seeing those Buddha draft handles and the creative and unique beers they create. Have to unfollow now! Sorry!

I even reached out to Funky Buddha via email because I wanted to get some of these Funky beers delivered to my doorstep. But Florida has terrible beer laws. Florida folks get your act together. Florida breweries can’t sell out of state? Boooo!!!!

Anyway, I’m going to have a hot take that Constellation will invest in a new production brewery somewhere in the Midwest very quickly to avoid Florida laws and scale up production while also giving equal distribution distances between coasts. They’ll want to take Florida’s largest former craft beer to the nation. That’s why they are investing money. If I had to guess, it’s the Windy City. Chi-town baby!

Just another sad day for the CBC. Pour one out for the lost homie, Funky Buddha!


Side note, this combo logo from Paint is free Constellation!


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